Anytime I wake up and login to my blog admin interface and I see a new version of WordPress made available – I look at details of the release. I have to know HOW URGENT the upgrade is and how high on my list of priorities that task should go.

WordPress 2.3.3 made available today is an URGENT Security Fix –  make sure to upgrade ASAP! Well, actually – you don’t have to upgrade…

Although I have personally did a full upgrade on my blogs reading through the developers notes it becomes clear that WordPress 2.3.3 is really addresses just one file that has a security issue (xmlrpc.php) and simply uploading that file into your blog root folder and overwriting your current file will fix the security problem.

But if you decide to do a full upgrade (which was a one minute deal for me) it helps you integrate a few minor fixes implemented into this version and also get rid on the message in your blog’s admin interface that You Need To Upgrade.

I have tested a full upgrade without even deactivating plugins on one of my blogs and had absolutely no issues. So my recommendation is to go ahead and do a full upgrade. Just don’t forget to create a good backup first!