WordPress 2.3.1 is released and unfortunately this time (again, I should mention) they didn’t provide a path to incremental upgrade of existing WordPress 2.3 blogs. While I understand their unwillingness to do so to avoid support nightmare it really has no reason.

I have created a package with ONLY the changed files between WordPress 2.3 and WordPress 2.3.1 and have fully tested successful implementation on 2 of my live blogs.

WordPress 2.3.1 contains bug fixes and at least one security hot fix but when upgrade.php script was run on one of my development blogs I was presented with a welcome message that Database Update wasn’t required. To me that means no changes to db are needed and all the fixes contained within files.

Being a nice guy that I’m šŸ™‚ I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving you worrying. File provided below contains only changed files and while I have tested install on 2 of my live blogs – use them at your own risk. On the very blog you are reading update was done live. No plugins deactivated, no maintenance mode required. Simply uploaded the changed files and Voila – I’m up to date.

If you are feeling venturous – feel free to follow my lead and download incremental WordPress 2.3.1 package below.

WordPress 2.3 to 2.3.1 incremental upgrade files