WordPress being a major topic for this blog I have held off on posting anything on new beta 2.3 that was released for testing. And I have my reasons for it. This post designed to be a clarification of my stand and justification of …

… Why You Shouldn’t Use It Yet!

Yep, you read it right. I do not advise anyone to even attempt to implement this version on their blog. While you can most definitely test it in development environment it is still too buggy to even attempt to use on production blog. Every new script has its share of issues and bugs and I personally hold off at least one release after stable or at least ensure that latest stable version includes all the fixes.

WordPress 2.3 contains some major enhancements and changes to the core that could be a blessing and also a huge problem.

Special Note to Web 2.0 Wealth Customers: I will be providing a complete update package with instructions on proper implementation once I fully test it and ensure that it will not break your blog. It is essential that you don’t attempt to upgrade the system yourself.

  • One thing to be aware off with this particular release is newly available status transitions. Without getting too technical, it introduces some changes to the workflow of the post. Any plugin that uses direct SQL queries for operations with posts can wreck a major havoc on your blog. Make sure to visit your plugin’s author pages and ensure they are compatible with new version or disable them.
  • A major enhancement to new version is plugin and core updates notification. In a nut-shell you will be presented with information when a new version of plugin or the core system becomes available.
  • Faster javascript processing should help your blog work faster even on slower hosts and as you integrate plugins it will definitely help your blog load faster.
  • And not the least of the enhancements is integrated tag system. This is the one that has me worries the most. According to the information I found we will be provided with options to import existing tags generated by UTW and few others and replace related posts function currently pulled by that plugin with build-in option. I also use Tagalize It plugin and still haven’t been able to find an answer if those tags will be converted or not. While the option to import current tags seems like a great one – it will have to be properly tested, since Tagalize It relies on UTW.

Hopefully I didn’t bore you with details and provided enough information to allow you make your own informative decision.