Got to love the Open Source! As of 9 hours ago WordPress has released a new version 2.2.3, which contains a few bug fixes and at least one security fix. So the next step for every WordPress blogger is to struggle with upgrade and hope nothing breaks!

Well, fear not! I have just performed in place upgrade of 3 blogs and didn’t encounter any issues and I wanted to share with you the details via [tag-tec]Video Tutorial[/tag-tec]. To make it even easier I provide you with changed files for WordPress 2.2.3 that you will need to follow this tutorial. So dive in and get your blog upgraded!

Files and resources you need to follow alone:

  1. WordPress 2.2.3 changed files
  2. FileZilla FTP client

Once you download files above and installed application, begin watching the Video Tutorial …

Please keep in mind that this tutorial covers Incremental Upgrade of WordPress core from version 2.2.2 to version 2.2.3. If you still didn’t upgrade to 2.2.2, please make sure to do so first. I have also created a Video Tutorial that cover that process:

Note to Web 2.0 Wealth Customers: You already have version 2.2.2, so video mentioned above don’t apply to your blog.