As expected WordPress 2.9 have been released on December 18 and while this version  is not a security release, it contains quite a few bug fixes as well as enhancements! Couple most notable features added to latest version are:

  • Basic image editing capabilities – love it for quick edits!
  • Ability to add video to WordPress blog post by simply specifying URL to the video instead of copying / pasting code. Support for most common services is included

I also like the new option to Auto-Optimize database by simply adding one line to your wp-config.php file and my partner and I are testing it right now to perhaps make it part of the next package release of Expert WordPress. There are quite a few more enhancements you should read about on official blog but right now I want to talk about solving a problem with one, very popular plugin – Simple Tags. Until author releases next version of plugin fully compatible with WordPress 2.9 – here is a work around for you…

Problem comes from hard coding within the plugin that checks version of the WordPress core and errors out simply because it doesn’t mention 2.9.

If you are planning to upgrade to WordPress 2.9 and you should and using Simple Tags plugin, simply follow these steps to make it compatible…

1. Navigate to Plugins-> Editor in your WordPress admin

2. In “Select plugin to edit” drop down option on right hand side select “Simple Tags” and click Select:

simple-tags.php file should open for editing by default

3.  Find this line near the top of the file:

if ( strpos($wp_version, '2.7') !== false || strpos($wp_version, '2.8') !== false) {

And add to it 2.9 as a version option:

if ( strpos($wp_version, '2.7') !== false || strpos($wp_version, '2.8') !== false || strpos($wp_version, '2.9') !== false ) {

4. Save the file!

This is it! Now your plugin will not give you any problems!

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