instagramIf you check social media platforms today, you will find Instagram is one of the fastest growing networks across the globe. There are more than 800 million active users on this network. In fact, Instagram has an excellent hold in all business industry niches including music, fashion, fitness, cooking, etc. Businesses that deal with these industries turn to Instagram for displaying vibrant pictures and photos of their products. The best part of Instagram is you can connect your images to Facebook and Twitter using this website. When it comes to Instagram photos and using them for your site, you may wonder why? This post gives you an insight into why your Instagram photos should be used in your WordPress website.

Why is Instagram so popular as a social media platform in the online market today?

Instagram is popular in the market today because it is a simple social media platform for everyone to use. This makes it an exceptional tool for business brands in the market. With Instagram, you can take a picture with your phone, apply a stunning filter and directly post it online. There is no need for you to connect a computer for posting the photo. The result you get is an image that looks very professional and creative at the same time. This technique is not only simpler, but it is something that other social media platforms in the market do not give you. If your business already has an Instagram account, you effectively can share the same post on your WordPress website. The good news is Instagram photos can simply be shared on WordPress websites easily without hassles at all.

What will you be missing if you do not share Instagram photos on your WordPress website?

The following are the top reasons why you should share Instagram photographs on your WordPress website-

  1. Instagram photographs are vibrant and far more engaging over the images you add on your business website. This means you effectively can add excitement to your brand with vibrant pictures and appeal.
  2. When you use Instagram to post and share your business pictures online, you effectively can moderate your Instagram account from a single place. As a business owner, it is crucial for you to check on your business website often. When you opt for Instagram WordPress plugins, you effectively can respond to comments instantly. You can set your pictures without the need to leave your website.
  3. The above reason propels you to push content that is user-generated to Instagram. You may ask followers of pictures of your store or products that are in use across the world. In this way, you can get these pictures on to your website so that potential and presents customers across the world can see them.
  4. Instagram pictures on your WordPress websites increase engagement. This means when you post photographs on Instagram people will stay longer on your site to look at them.
  5. With Instagram WordPress plugins you effectively can increase followers to your business. If you are a new business and do not have followers on Instagram, bank on reliable websites like Gram Blast to buy followers to your account. When you post your Instagram pictures to your WordPress websites, you can increase the number of real followers you have for your business. Moreover, the number of followers for Instagram also increases.

The above are the five top reasons for you to get started on Instagram. However, ensure you first register on the social media platform with a good business profile picture that preferably should be an attractive business logo. When you are using Instagram for your business and wish to attract more followers to your account, ensure that all your other social media accounts have the same picture. It does not matter what you own- an e-commerce website or a small retail store, Instagram works equally for everyone. You can give your followers top quality photos with Instagram in the beginning and gradually work on a social media strategy. This makes your brand more compelling and stronger!

How do you start?

To integrate Instagram photographs into your WordPress website, you can start off with Instagram WordPress plugins. The good news is there are several plugins for you to start with. The following are some of the most popular Instagram and WordPress plugins you can use for your business. Check them out and decide on the one that will meet and match the needs of your brand the most-

The WordPress Instagram plugins are right for your business website

Most business owners get confused when it comes to the right Instagram WordPress plugin they should use for their business websites. This list will give you a brief insight into the type of Instagram WordPress plugins available and how they are ideal for your site-

  • Instagram Feed- If you are looking for a simple set-up for your WordPress business website.
  • WD Instagram Feed –get strong feed filtering with this simple plugin
  • WD Instagram Feed –Unique views like badge views and polaroid
  • Instagram Widget- Need multi-lingual support
  • Instagram Feed or WordPress Instagram Gallery- Incorporating sales buttons
  • Feed Them Social- Feed displays from other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • WP Instagram Widget- Incorporate custom CSS and to begin with no preset stylings

Therefore, if you are looking for Instagram WordPress plugins, you effectively can improve the functionality and the utility of your business website. You can enhance Instagram followers to your site and Instagram profile. If you are not using Instagram for your WordPress website, you will miss out on many opportunities for business growth and development. Choose the right plugin that you want and conveniently use it to establish a substantial brand presence. These plugins are simple for you to install. Follow the instructions carefully, and before you know it, they are incorporated into your business website. Be a smart business owner and gain a competitive edge in the market with simple Instagram WordPress plugins with success!

Author Bio: Walter Moore is a professional web designer. He is also a freelance web content developer. You can visit Gram Blast and learn how to build more follower presence.