expertwordpress-250It’s been a hectic couple weeks, which reflects in lack of informative posts on my blog. I got to say that even doing a minimal, rolling re-launch is quite an effort in coordinating, preparing and then introducing new features.

Effort that pays off in more way then just increased income! One of those ways – increased customer satisfaction and less support requests than we expected, even though our new script is quite complex!

So what was new introduced in Expert WordPress this Monday?

Automated WordPress Blog Installer Script

This is the core of the new offer and we made sure to price it incredibly low, at only $7 to allow as many people to enjoy as possible.

Some of the highlights:

  • Same secure WordPress blog install as if you are using our manual blog installer package
  • All the functionality build in and fully activated, configured and ready to go for you
  • Search Engine Optimization performed for you during install
  • Custom Niche theme
  • Also members who chose to upgrade to this level get access to higher quality videos than FREE members and
  • 30 Days of Total Support – this is the biggie for us! We don’t outsource our support and with upgrade people get 30 days of access to us. And it is worth a LOT more than $7!

You can see the blog installer and features in it by watching video in my previous post – Expert WordPress Automated Blog Installer

Video Frequently Asked Questions Module

We always do our best to react on the requests and respond to feedback we receive from our customers.

Blogging Blueprint Steps module that provides exact steps our customer would need to take to create successful blog was direct result of such feedback and introduced earlier this year. Its intent was help people to go through the wealth of the information we provide in step-by-step format that would be most beneficial to the blog growth.

Video FAQ Module is another example of our response to our customers feedback and to my best knowledge something nobody else offers.

As an Upgraded Full Member (not the free or $7 upgrade) you can access this module and submit your questions via form provided. Each month we will provide answers to the most frequent questions submitted to help you overcome whatever problems you might have.

Overhauled Members Interface

It might not be a huge issue to many – but we think that providing a more streamlined access to everything we offer is just as important as actual information. It ads to a total customer experience and what we have done so far – we like it.

Your feedback is obviously appreciated!

There are a few more enhancements overall that might be less notable while still beneficial and I leave it up to you to discover those!

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