So, are you operating a WordPress powered blog? If yes, then you’re definitely on the right track. WordPress has actually enriched the performance of thousands of blogs that were on the verge of a shutdown. In contrary to the global reach of WordPress blogging platform, there is a majority of bloggers which is still operating HTML-based blogging websites. Today, through this post, I’m making an effort to enlighten all such bloggers who aren’t familiar with the numerous advantages of Opting HTML to WordPress theme conversion. I hope by the end of this post, you’ll be confident enough for switching from the static HTML based blog to the power-packed feature-loaded WordPress blog.

Website Customization issues are resolved via HTML to WordPress theme conversion

Bloggers across the globe are always on a hunt for the finest tools that can be used for customizing the look and feel of their website. With WordPress making grounds in the web market, most of the serious bloggers have chosen to switch from HTML to WordPress for their blog. One of the major advantages of choosing such a transformation for the blogging site is the ease of customizing web pages/blog posts. WordPress comes with an array of free themes and plugins that aid you in making alterations to your web pages and posts. Moreover, you may also choose to modify or edit these themes and plugins to meet your customized needs.

Website becomes more user-friendly via HTML to WordPress theme conversion

User friendliness has always remained the foremost concern of every blogger who owns a website. On choosing to convert HTML files into WordPress theme for your website, you can easily add usability to your website. In other words, even as a non-technical person you would be able to make all the small and big changes to the website. Since many of the WordPress themes are available free of cost, switching from one visual appearance to another becomes flexible for the WordPress blog administrators.

Hassle-free social media integration is possible with HTML to WordPress theme conversion

Nowadays, social media plays a pivotal role in getting a website reach its targeted users. WordPress is one such effective tool that has helped in the creation of websites that can be integrated with a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and many more. So, if you’re blogger and still haven’t integrated social media with your blog, its high time to do so now. Make sure to incorporate the right social media elements into your blogging site. You may choose to include the social media icons/buttons that would get noticed by your readers who would further choose to share your web pages/posts with their friends via the respective social media websites. In addition to social media, you may use WordPress as the baseline for enriching your existing blog with popular elements such as eCommerce, newsletters, online payments and much more.

Search Engine Optimization worries disappear with HTML to WordPress theme conversion

Every blogger is always worried about the effective search engine optimization of his/her website. Well, if the website is HTML-based, then this worry will probably continue to stay with the blogger but if the HTML files are transformed into WordPress theme, the blogger need not keep this worry with him/her anymore. WordPress engine has a set of in-built Seo features that make sure that your blogging site is out-of-the-box friendly with all the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN and many others. WordPress renders you the flexibility of adding tags to the existing web pages and posts, so that the same get noticed and indexed by the search engines. With your website/posts getting crawled and indexed by search engines, you gain chances of gathering a tremendous amount of recognition online.


Hmm……with so many advantages attached with Converting HTML Site to WordPress theme, its perhaps a brilliant decision to upgrade your existing blogging website from HTML to WordPress. Unlike the traditional static HTML site, a feature-loaded WordPress blogging site will bring in noticeable visitors to your blog. If you’re serious about blogging and want to invite visitors to your website, it is highly recommended to power it with WordPress. There’s actually no point wasting your time and efforts into managing a static HTML blog that is hard-to-customize. Rather opt for a WordPress blog that is highly laudable and easy-to-customize anytime anywhere.
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Author Bio: Jennifer Pinto is a Creative Web Design Expert in Markupcloud Ltd. and possess years of experience in writing informative write-ups on different Markup conversion processes. And aims at sharing her knowledge related to same on social media platforms with interested readers.