wordpressIt is needed for everyone to have a website with all necessary features that can make the user experience of the website much better for their users. To make the website a perfect place for your users, there is a number of things that you have to optimize. Sometimes to make the website better than before, we end up by making some mistakes while optimizing it.

In this article, I am going to discuss the things that are making your website much slower.

Don’t edit your code unless you are an expert in coding:

It is the most annoying reason for your WordPress website to work slow. Sometimes people start to make changes in the PHP file even if they are not familiar with coding. Directly making changes in this file through the appearance editor in the dashboard is not the right idea to make the changes. You may end up making the code buggy, so there is no need to do so unless you are an expert in coding.

You can make your website secure by removing the edit_themes, edit_plugins and edit_files options so that no other than you can make the changes to your site and also this will help in making the website secured from the hackers.

Selecting the theme and plugin:

Themes and plugins are the most important part of your WordPress website that manages the looks and functionality. If you are installing any WordPress themes and plugins, deeply look towards its reviews and ratings, to know if it actually worth downloading or not. There are a number of themes and plugins available, some for free and some are paid. Don’t go for the free one only because you want to save some money, just research properly, which will be the best for your website and then install it.

Plugins and themes play a huge role in providing a good user experience so be careful while their selection. There are a number of plugins and themes that have not been updated for 2 years, installing such to your website will make your website full of malware, insecure and slower too.

Over – optimizing will make a negative impact:

Often, we think that if we will do more we will get more. You may be figuring out the new ideas to make your website better every day and searching on the internet for the solutions. If you get an idea from the internet to make your website more accurate, don’t apply it too much. Be smart while doing anything on your website.

For example: if you think that two CDN in your website is going to make your website faster, you are thinking a disaster for your website which is going to make your website much slower.

Is buying a multipurpose theme going to be beneficial?

I don’t think so that you need to have a multipurpose theme for your website. It is only going to be the burden on your website. Most of the people only use one or two features of the themes and others just remain unused for all the time. Then, what is the benefit of having such a theme which is not going to use much?

Multipurpose themes are not bad but if they are customized well then they can be much faster also. But if you have a basic website, there is no need to buy such theme to make your website slower.

Optimizing the database is necessary:

This case is for the larger sites having a huge database.

Regularly optimizing the database by deleting the useless tables and information will help a lot in making the website more faster.

Is your Hosting provider responsible for the slow speed of the website?

Maybe sometimes your hosting provider is responsible for it but not all the times it is true, people usually try to change the host so that their website works accurately but not in every situation it is essential that there is something wrong with the hosting.

There can be some coding issue too that will not be fixed automatically, you have to check for the coding. If you are an expert in coding do it yourself, if you are not, just go to an expert that can check the bugs in your code and fix them too.

There can also be any problem with your plugin or theme coding if you have customized it.

Have you optimized images on your WordPress website?

Images are an essential part of your website. According to a research, visual content has 80% chances to get read by the users. That means images can provide a good user experience to your users.

But what if you have not optimized them well?

If you have not optimized them, it can be a reason for your website to be slower because they will have bigger sizes.

Must optimize them to make them look better as well as to reduce their size to make your website faster.

You yourself maybe making some mistakes which makes your WordPress website work slower but nothing to worry about you can manage it yourself by having some knowledge. You just have to figure out the problem that is making your website slower and you can get solution easily. There is a huge community of WordPress on the Internet that will help you in getting a solution. Or you can also take services from any WordPress website development company India to get the matter solved if you are not capable of doing it yourself.

Guest post by: Rajaram Kumar is a WordPress Developer and loves to write content related to WordPress or any other CMS Framework. He is Working with Rejoin Web Solution Pvt. Ltd.- WordPress website development company. He is handling a team of expert web developers. You Get in Touch with him for any assistance related to WordPress.