Having evolved from fat monitors to slim, sleek laptops and mobile devices; the future of technology is definitely bright. Now that web has been completely replaced by applications viz: mobile web apps and native apps; it is hard to imagine the downfall of smartphones and mobile devices. If you’re a WordPress user who has setup his/her own website or blog and isn’t satiented with the kind of response received for the same, then you’re likely missing a well-defined mobile presence. If you’re wondering as to why I’m suggesting you to go ‘mobile’ for your WordPress blog/site, then hold onto this post to learn all the reasons which back the concept of embracing native mobile apps as a WordPress publisher/blogger.

1. Getting discovered becomes a lot more easy
Since iOS and Android have become two of the most popular mobile platforms across the globe, owning a native app and getting it published on App Store and Google Play can get you noticed by the target audience instantly. However, creating a niche for your app among the numerous apps available on app stores can turn to be quite challenging. Here, you can rely on numerous online tools like the Sensor Twoer which allow you to boost the ranking of your app via the incorporation of target keywords within the app’s description.

2. A guaranteed immersive reading experience
Unlike the case of visiting a WordPress mobile-friendly blogging website via a desktop, accessing the blog using a dedicated Mobile App Development ensures a lot more immersive reading experience. That means, a mobile user can easily download and install a native app(the one belonging to your WordPress blog) and go through all the posts published by multiple authors. By developing an iOS/Android app for your target users, it would become easier for you to sustain their attention for a much longer duration of time.

3. A native mobile app makes it easier to display more content to every visitor
Designed with the sole aim of delivering content based on readers’ basic interest, a native app is indeed the most effective tool for making your content accessible via a simple thumb’s swipe. With a majority of readers owning a smartphone, you can incorporate various touch-enabled gestures in your app, enabling readers to focus on every piece of content that gets featured within different blog posts written by talented authors. For instance, the incredibly popular Facebook mobile app has been designed keeping the needs and expectations of the smartphone users in mind.

4. Native apps make your readers come back to your WordPress blog regularly
Presenting your WordPress posts via a native app will undoubtedly encourage your readers to return to your app again and again. By figuring out ways to make your readers return back frequently, you’ll get to witness an increased visitors’ count. One of the finest ways to meet such a goal is to use a smartphone application. Encouraging visitors to download your mobile app will make then revisit your blog on a constant basis. You can then choose to send push notifications regarding your app, inviting readers to explore your WordPress blog with a broader outlook.

5. Native mobile apps fare better as compared to mobile web apps
Yet another truly solid reason why native apps work as an excellent option for blog promotion is their remarkable performance. Unlike the mobile web apps, native mobile apps are a lot faster simply because they have their resources stored on a local device storage space. That means, readers who have chosen to download your app would witness faster downloads and hence be able to experience a fuller reading journey.

6. Native mobile app makes it convenient to offer offline capabilities to readers
It is the mandatory dependency on internet which makes the mobile web apps take a backseat when it comes to getting connected with the readers from all over the world. The best part of native mobile apps is that a user can access them even during the absence of an internet connection. So, using a native mobile app is not a fuzz in any way.

7. Avail the convenience of placing your content wherever the target readers are
Making your content i.e. blog posts reasily available for the readers is a viable means of enhancing your WordPress blogging website’s success. If the visitor is able to browse through your content in an easy manner, you can gather more chances of gathering maximum readers instantly. For instance, if your targeted readers are using Apple’s iOS devices, designing a native app for iOS will allow you to reach out to maximum number of readers residing in different corners of the world. Moreover, you’ll also be able to offer an optimal reading experience to the app users.

Wrapping Up

I’m sure the above mentioned points would have encouraged you to create a native app for your WordPress blog. So, what’s keeping you waiting? Get on with using great online tools that will enable you to convert your existing blog into a user-friendly and visually impressive mobile application.

About the Author: She is currently working for Xicom Technologies Ltd, a leading IOS and Android application Development Company. Amanda Cline is a developer who has helped companies gain momentum with their small and large scale projects.