WordPress is the best blogging platform in my opinion (I bet that comes as surprise Wink) but it has its own share of problems and issues. However much we would like to have a magic button to “get it done” it hasn’t happened… yet.

In this post I want to ask your opinion and request that you share your personal most painful task that comes to your mind when you deal with WordPress…

I have decided to separate it into several categories with explanations and provide a quick poll below it. Please take a minute and share your opinion.

  • WordPress install and configuration – this would include install of the core and then choosing all the right options for your blog setup to ensure best performance in Search Engines and otherwise.
  • WordPress upgrade – just as it state, upgrade of the core system.
  • Locating Quality plugins – and by this I mean finding plugins that provide the functionality without breaking everything else you have on your blog. As we all know, all plugins are different and while one excel at what it is designed to do – others make your blog completely die.
  • Installing and configuring plugins – however easy authors try to make this process, more often then not they use techno-geek speak and unless you have the required knowledge it might be very hard to implement the plugin you love to have.
  • Upgrading plugins – as new version released quite frequently, this adds that overhead level many are not comfortable with.
  • Finding and Installing Quality themes – same as with plugins, finding a solid quality theme can be a chore for your demanding needs and ensuring that it will work with what you already have can be even more difficult.
  • Customizing themes – make them yours. Show your personality, that is if you have required knowledge.

So let me know what you think…