The simplicity of WordPress makes it stand out from the crowd of Content Management Systems(CMSs) available in the web world. Equipped with a text-editor-type post editing dashboard, WordPress has room for publishing different types of content including audio, video, text, images etc. Even a person with basic knowledge about MS WordPress can easily start publishing great content on the web. While WordPress’ simplicity is awesome, there are some powerful features that are still hidden behind the scenes. My aim behind writing this blog is to make you familiar with these hidden aspects related to WordPress.

WordPress Secret No.1-Enabling/Using Keyboard Shortcuts is simple in WordPress

Many of you might be unaware about the fact that WordPress has a range of keyboard shortcuts specially designed for the text editor and comment moderator. So, if you’re assigned the role of a text editor or a comment moderation expert, you can simply scan areas of the dashboard and take a look at the detailed documentation. Using keyboard shortcuts will definitely save you a good amount of time and efforts. If you’re an HTML to WordPress conversion specialist then also you’ve avail maximum benefits by using these keyboard shortcuts that are available for the newly developed WordPress website.

WordPress Secret No.2-The default image quality available with WordPress is 90%

Yes, you read it right! The default compression setting for Images in WordPress is 90%. In other words, when WordPress resizes an image, the JPEG quality is set to 90%(impressive enough!). If you’re working on a portfolio/photography website, then a 90% image perfection isn’t enough. For such a situation, you can easily choose to change the setting by adding the following line of code to your theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( ‘jpeg_quality’, create_function( ”, ‘return 100;’ ) );

WordPress Secret No.3-WordPress comes with a Full-Screen Editing Mode

For those of who who want to stick to blogging, WordPress comes with a Full Screen Editing Mode. After activating this mode for your WordPress website, you can easily remove all forms of distractions and breakup free to indulge in the blog writing process. This Full Screen Editing Mode has remained a secret for innumerous WordPress users all over the world.

WordPress Secret No.4-WordPress Template Hierarchy and Custom Maintenance Pages

Template hierarchy determines as to which template file is loaded depending on what’s available within the site’s theme. In WordPress, if custom page template exists, it will be definitely loaded or else the default page template will be loaded on its behalf. Under situations where WordPress enters the maintenance mode, it will check for a maintenance.php file within the site’s theme. On finding one, the same will be loaded. If required, you may even choose to customize the maintenance.php file just like you’ve been doing for other template files.

WordPress Secret No.5- Automatic clean up of trash is possible in WordPress

For ample number of WordPress users like you, emptying the trash has always appeared as a painstaking task. First, you’re required to navigate to the “All Posts” dashboard and from there you move all the posts to the trash, followed by emptying the trash. Many of you might not be familiar that emptying the trash can be an easy job in WordPress. All you need to do is simply include the below line of code in your wp-config file and the trash would get cleared up automatically for the set “X” Number of days:

define( ‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 1 );

If you’re thinking about choosing a PSD to WordPress firm for transformation of your Photoshop design-based website then this is a secret you’re going to cherish all through your journey of exploring the features of the all-new WordPress web portal.

WordPress Secret No.6-Turning off the Upload Folder Organization is possible in WordPress

As a regular WordPress user, you might be well familiar with the yearly/monthly folder organization structure of WordPress. Although such an organization structure is crucial for websites containing lots of images, there are situations when such a structure can cause a considerable decrease in the site’s overall performance. As a remedy to this, it is better to turn off the Upload Folder Organization feature from the admin panel.


As a long-time WordPress user, it even took me a lot of time to get acquainted with all the aforementioned secrets. Preventing you from falling under such a situation, I made an effort to showcase them to you via this blog. Hope I’ve succeeded in my initiative.

Do you know of a WordPress secrets that hasn’t been covered above? If yes, do consider sharing it with our readers via the comments box below. Also, don’t forget to pen down your views/opinions on the above write-up.

Author Bio: Sarah Parker is a modern day web design professional in Designs2HTML Ltd. And has a passion of writing about WordPress tips and tricks.