[tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] plugins are what make the platform such a great tool as they not only extend the functionality but also greatly enhance reader’s experience. And at same time they present a problem, as sometimes you have to choose one functionality over another.

But lucky us – most of them come as open source or with a license that allows you to modify the code and fit it into your vision. Such was the case with a “Brian’s Threaded Comments” [tag-tec]plugin[/tag-tec] I integrated couple nights ago. It provides a great option to thread your comments and also reply directly to each individual comment, keeping a conversation more personal. I have seen it used on many blogs but default install was lucking integration of MyAvatars plugin, which adds a “face” to each comment by pulling information from MyBlogLog profile.

I simply had to have this option and since it wasn’t present in default installation I integrated it and want to share the details on how you can too.

Steps to install Brian’s Threaded comments and Integrate MyAvatars:

  1. Download and install Brian’s comments using his instructions, activate it.
  2. Download and install MyAvatars plugin and activate it.
  3. In admin interface go to Presentation –> Theme Editor. If you followed install instructions for Brian’s plugin you should have replaced comments.php file in your theme with file provided by threaded comments plugin.
  4. Edit comments.php file to add MyAvatars to it. Choose to edit comments.php and add the line of code I highlighted in image below in exact same location. What you will get is imaged pulled from [tag-tec]MyBlogLog[/tag-tec] into comments.


Test it by leaving comment on this post 🙂

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