wordpressYou might have spent thousands of dollars for developing your WordPress website, but it is useless if it doesn’t generate good amount of profits. The ultimate goal of every website is to make profits. In today’s competitive world, you would need to think out of the box to develop an eye-catchy and attractive website that drives sales.

Do you want to build a WordPress website? Are you looking for making money with your WordPress website? Without too much information, let’s throw some light on the tips to convert your existing WordPress website into a money-making machine:

1. Domain Name:

While developing a WordPress website, you should choose an appropriate domain name that suits your brand. Picking the right domain name is the first step to build your website. Think of all the possible domain names and check the availability of the same. You can seek professional help for selecting the right domain name.

2. Home page:

Most of the website owners make the mistake of providing too much information on the home page. Make sure that your home page has the clear call to actions. Rather than having all the information about your company on the home page, you can offer an option of newsletter sign up. This will help you collect the visitors’ email addresses also.

3. Images and Videos:

Choose the right images and videos relevant to your products and services. Placing any stock image on your website can drive away the visitors. Make sure that the images and videos you choose for your website represents your brand and industry.

4. Consistent Website Formatting:

Make sure that you use a consistent template format for navigation and text. It becomes easier for the visitors to navigate through the website and content. The website owners should focus on choosing the right layout that highlights your website content.

5. Content Upgrade:

Content upgrades from time to time can have a huge impact on your earnings. A content upgrade acts as a lead magnet for most of the websites. Through content, you can connect with your audience. Add a blog to your website and keep posting new, valuable, and informative content on it. If you are not confident about writing blog posts or do not have time to write content, you can hire a professional writer to provide you with blog posts on a regular basis.

6. Analytics:

Setting up analytics for your WordPress website allows you to track the visitors. This will help you understand the browsing trends of the visitors. You can make use of Google Analytics to track the visitors and get detailed reports of the visitors.


Talk to a few WordPress web development companies to know what strategies they use for developing your WordPress website. Grow your mailing list as soon as your website goes live and make sure that you make use of different variations to know what works the best for you. You can keep trying new techniques matching your targeted audience and business goals.

Author Bio: Rebecca Cole is a technical blogger at WordPress Web Development company.  WordPress Web Development is a leading WordPress website development firm located in India since 2004.