wordpress themeYou might have heard “Love matters, and so do the looks.” It is obvious, but hey, I have got a newer version of that for web developers. “Content matters, and so do the design”. Now, I would say that’s an obvious point for someone who owns a website. Themes are an integral part of the procedure of developing a website. This creative procedure often stresses a great deal of vision and innovation. However, this quality alone cannot guarantee success but still, have a significant role.

We all love free WordPress themes, why? Well because they are free and awesome. The WordPress Developers frequently come up with new themes which make WordPress a very premium tool for website development. WordPress themes are so versatile that they can be used anywhere in spite of the planned tenacity of that theme. As a developer, this superfluity features will give you a blank opus. You will have everything to mold and shape your page, tailoring every detail in accordance with your specification. This is a luxury which past moguls could not afford, but you can afford it as they are available at negligible prices and become a wizard.

When bearing in mind public insight, you really don’t have room for the slovenly website, especially when you are a developer. Never rush into making decisions, as WordPress Developers creates imposing numbers of themes some of which are also available for free.

Let’s have a look into the top 7 WordPress Themes which every developer should consider before selecting.


Adios is a new and exquisite theme for building unique and modern websites. It is fashionable and receptive WordPress artistic collection website theme. Customization is firmly drag-and-drop, handy to webmasters from all credentials. Whirlwind fast coding in addition to SEO augmentation makes Adios very modest.

The price-tag is not an issue for someone to select Adios. Stylish elements and components are at the tip of your tongue, sprucing up the pages in a flash. Unified, trivial animations keep your pages stimulating and engaging. The gravity and tractability of the tools provided are beyond belief. Take Adios on your side and feel the difference.

Smartly Own

Smartly own is a WordPress Theme generally oriented for web designing and development. WordPress Theme Development for this theme is majorly for those geeks who are an expert in their field. They require an unpretentious and even display of information. Because of this, Smartly Own comes with all the rare useful features altogether. It comes with 2 assembled demos to start from. It consists of both one-page demo and Full Version one. Its basic design consists of 2 columns and 3 color discrepancies. It also comprises of 8 tags which are dedicated to its lightweight feature.

Smartly Own basically works to depict skills and pricing tablets. Social media connections and blogs are also available. Try Smartly Own right now!


Uncode is ingenious and capable, technologically progressive yet very easy to use, perfectly receptive WordPress creative versatile website theme. It is designed carefully to provide a uniform podium proficient of tuning the needs and necessities of websites across a variety of range of field and industry. In order to achieve this, it is equipped with the Visual Composer drag and drop page building, significantly streamlined design and construction process for webmasters of a variety of background or skill level to achieve specialized quality results.

An elegant quality Slider Revolution plugin is also included at no additional cost. Also, a clean-cut Isotope masonry grid plugin, which enables you to take care of your website’s look, is for no additional cost. Unicode comes with over 30 conceptually exclusive, graphically graceful and very creatively inspired niche market application demo websites. It’s just like Twitter’s own Bootstrap. Try it today!


Corpus is remarkably supple, extremely commanding, and astonishingly customizable WordPress responsive the multipurpose theme, constructed to perfectly manage the design and structure of website across the sheet, from individual to communal, from profitable to non-profitable, but uniquely well suited for designers, illustrators and artists like- web designer, graphic designer, animators, etc. Corpus is a perfect choice if you want your website to be vibrant and vivacious, with Retina ready graphics which will make the colors jump out of your screen and even, cutting edge CSS animations that will prerequisite every aspect of your user’s navigational experience.

Take the driver’s seat with the potent Redux framework admin panel option & WPBakery’s Visual Composer. Once you got to hold to Corpus with all the shortcodes and widgets, just fill it with your content and get ready to empower your content to draw all eyes online to it. Are you ready for all the attention?


Throne is absolutely owing, extraordinarily customizable, visually flexible and supple, graphically professional and very much developer-friendly. It is very modern and classy, and elegant responsive WordPress minimalist theme. A very resourceful and handsome theme that has been constructed for utmost developer friendliness and thorough user insightfulness, with plenty of tools, features, plugins and widgets that are each comprehensively and customizable to your heart’s desire, with severely annotated, with Bootstrap framework-based modular code that is easily adjustable to suit your needs.

These features make it ideal for design industry websites of all kinds. It is furnished with heaps of widgets, stunning CSS3 animations, classy HTML5, YouTube and Video support, handy Contact Form, 7-page templates and loads of Homepage, Portfolio, layout and grid styles, Throne is a platform for you to pile up the design assignments and sets of your wildest dreams. Step up to the Throne!


As it goes with the name, Flatoo is flat, professional, marginal and flexible WordPress theme by which you can create an ideal page. Usually, it can work in any scenario but, it always seems ideal for developers and programmers. By the theme, you can show your portfolios and resume in many attractive ways, which can be helpful in order to gain the trust of your customers.

Flatoo has a drag and drops page builder, in addition to it, it is grounded on the popular Twitter Bootstrap v3 framework. It is also HTML5 and CSS3 ready. WordPress Developers also included a full-width slideshow for the background of your page. Filterable portfolio options were added; alongside with efficient PHP contact forms and cross-browser compatibility. I would give it 5 out of 5, will you?


NEWERA is a WordPress theme with a minimal and clean style. It is highly nifty and supple, customizable and well documented. These assets make it an ideal layout for personal websites and company sites. It gives an easy outfit to configure HTML5 portfolio that displays your work. The product is coded for jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. It is based on the famous Bootstrap v3 framework, which allows your content to gauge between multiple screen sizes without bargaining the quality. It ranges from 320px to 1260px width range, and this makes it highly responsive.

WordPress Developers claim that they have put a ton of effort in developing this theme. Using AJAX post-loading, they have developed a couple of imposing layouts for your portfolio. Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

So, for now, I give you these 7 themes which are very handy, agile, marginal and to be honest very flexible. This makes them ideal for any web developer. Try these out. These are my list of themes. So, if you have any other list, please do share it in the comments section.

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Emily is working as a professionally qualified WordPress developer at WordSuccor Ltd., a renowned firm providing custom WordPress theme development services at very reasonable cost with a global reach. She loves to share her thoughts on WordPress and always looking for learning something new about it. You can follow her company on various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.