Blog comments SPAM is perhaps one of the biggest annoyances for many bloggers. Not only do they not bring any value to the blog itself but also WASTE my time! And I will do whatever it takes to Fight the comments Spam while still sharing the link love with my commenter’s!

This Blog Is Mine! …Spammers Be Gone!

Truth to be told we all would better concentrate on creating our content, delivering information our readers expect from us instead of spending time on picking through through the comments and deleting spam. Lucky us there are great plugins that can help automate the process and while they are not perfect and have minuses, combining them creates an awesome effect of nearly 0 spam! This post will look in details of the proper implementation of these plugins…

But before I go into discussion of how to protect your blog I want to share some of the direct results of protection these plugins provide. This blog went live in April 21st and from the day one I have installed a spam protection plugin that doesn’t come as a standard. Yes, I know of Akismet but I have decided to use a more robust and features rich plugin which is responcible for killing 99% of the spam that comes through this blog. To this date it has managed to kill

7632 Spam Comments!

Can you imagine the time it would require to do it by hand? But as I have stated it it has a downfall and lately I have been quite annoyed to see these Spam Comments manage to get through:

“I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting”

I have tried to blacklist domain, ip address, blacklist it via Regex – all failed and I still got 2-3 spams on daily bases, which forced me to look for an additional solution. Since installing second plugin that works along side with first one – I had 0 spams in 2 days! That plugin managed to pickup and kill additional

171 Spam Comments by bots!

And I still share the full link love via Do Follow and CommentLuv plugins. I provide my commenter with full benefits good comment should receive and reducing manual work of fighting spam to nothing. Zero … Zilch … it is a beautiful feeling.

And Here Are the Plugins That Allow Me To Do it

  • Spam Karma 2 – an awesome Ultimate killer of the spam for my blog and one I can highly recommend to anyone using WordPress. Has a great intelligence build into it to evaluate the comments and auto approve most valid comments while killing the spam dead on its tracks. But it only managed to kill 99% of the Spam and I still had that 1% to deal with…
  • Bad Behavior comes to the rescue and takes care of additional 0.9%. Since installing it I haven’t got any Spam Bots posting on my blog and it works great along with Spam Karma.

Combine these two plugins and kill damn spamers. Now its your time to declare

This Blog Is Mine! …Spammers Be Gone!