Setting up your online store with WordPress can be challenging, new, and exciting. This platform gives you several options for how to set up your online store, and several plugins that will make setting up your pages easy for your and for your customers. Here are the top 5 plugins for internet commerce stores.

WP eCommerce

This plugin helps you perform almost any function that you need for your business. WP eCommerce gives you several options for the layout of your site, as well as management of inventories, subscriptions, and digital downloads with full customization capabilities using HTML and CSS. No matter what your needs, this plugin will help you get them out to your customers. This plugin also has a very streamlined checkout method that will make checking out fast and easy for your customers. This plugin works great with almost all WordPress plugins and themes, and it gives your customers several options for payment, as well as working with several different payment processing companies.


This plugin operates in much of the same manner that WP eCommerce does. It allows for full customization of your themes, layout, and many other areas of your store. This plugin is also completely compatible with other plugins and themes. When you use WooCommerce, you are also getting access to thousands of free and paid themes and extensions for your store. This plugin works with Paypal and allows payments to take the form of credit cards, cash, or checks as well. This plugin even allows your customers to share their purchases and discoveries with social sharing features powered by ShareThis.


This plugin is more for you than for your customers, and it is extremely useful for anyone who wants to keep track of their store. This plugin allows you to keep track of your stock and inventory with real-time performance charts and graphs. It also performs several analytic’s that look at your sales. Jigoshop allows you to choose from numerous themes and offers several extensions to help you set up your store as well.


MarketPress is one of the most simple to use and easy to design plugins on the market today, and it was created to accomplish that very goal. MarketPress allows you to create your online store in just a few minute without having to download any extra extensions. It was meant to be a single, standalone eCommerce system. This plugin offers several different payment methods for customers, as well as shipping modules and options. It also works with Google Analytics to help you keep track of your store and products.


This plugin is great for anyone who wants to have more widgets to choose from and control over their store. This plugin is able to be downloaded for free for the standard services. With this plugin you are able to manage your stock, enter in discount codes for your customers, and have access to inventory management capabilities. You can integrate it with your social media sites such as Facebook as well.