wordpress security WordPress website though being a secured and excellent platform is constantly threatened by the malicious acts of the hackers. Hackers and cyber criminals constantly work hard to break the security and get access in the particular word file or content. Though with the installation of plugin and updates it can be made secured, yet there are many effective points which one should focus on. Without suitable strategies and plans, it is quite difficult to maintain the security.

The reasons to secure a WordPress website are important to know so that you can take further steps. None of the platforms are secured no matter how dedicated security systems are installed. Hackers constantly target it to crack its efficient security system and get access into the particular data.

Few tips to know for efficient WordPress security

Mentioned below are quick and effective tips that will help you to manage your WordPress without much distress.

  • Quality host should be used: With the help of solid web host, the performance of the site is greatly impacted. Even the growth, reliability and expansion limit is determined with the host in which your site is placed. Good quality host updates its service and even respond to the threats. When you back up your site, it comes to normal version after being hacked. The web application firewall provided by the host help in blocking serious threats and spams which might spoil the security of your site.
  • Switch to secure version of HTTP: The SSL or TSL certificates enables your site to switch to more advanced and secured version of HTTP that is Hypertext Text Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS. This helps in transferring the data from your site to the visitors’ location through code generation. Some can even interpret your data and use it in an inferior manner. Through this version, you can encrypt your data in course of travelling to other location. Apart from safeguarding personal info, search engines have used it for wide implementation. However, switching requires SSL certificate.
  • Secured Login credential should be created: Creation of secured username and passwords are very important yet one finds bit hassling to do so. The main issue arise with the creation of passwords though it is composed of letters, numbers and symbols. There is automated password generator in WordPress websites which automatically creates passwords for its user. If you find bit difficult, take the help of this generator. However, web application firewall should be installed; so that your links, servers and contents can be secured. Some have inbuilt WAF yet some has to install or timely update the firewall.
  • Implementation of two factor authentication: Two factor authentications means the two step verification required for logging into the site. Though it is time taking yet it help in keeping it away from the malicious acts of the hackers. Mere entering username and password is not enough, unique code which is sent to the registered mobile number has to be entered for complete logging. Two factor plugin is also an efficient option in this regard.
  • Careful addition of themes and plugins: While you install any themes or plugins in the existing wordpress website, follow necessary steps. Appropriate knowledge, experience and information are required so that these can be installed appropriately. Recent plugin updates should be looked forward. Before you add any themes or plugin, it is essential to back up the sites or update it well. Trusted suppliers or providers should be approached from whom you will get the particular theme.
  • File permissions should be configured: the contents in the WordPress are stored in the systematic files and folders which are often arranged in a hierarchical structure. These are organised or opened in a permissible level. In other words, permission is required to edit and access into the particular files and folders. These permissions are represented in a three numbers in which first number corresponds to the individual, second to the group and third digit to the entire world. Ideal permissions setting should be used so that hackers can be kept away from it.
  • Ensure low number of users: Too many users’ means the chances of frauds are more. Even the potential security risk is increased as the hackers keep an eye on how to access your website. Limit the permission of the particular user and encourage them to use strong and undetermined passwords. Try to remain intact with the administrator or just small groups to avoid further risks.

While you consult any expert SEO, you can get appropriate and valid reason for the protection and security of the WordPress websites. Proper tracking and back up of your site is very important for any security. Suitable time and effort should be given so that complete set up is established appropriately. Make sure you run a secured web rather than hacked site.

Author Bio: Stacy Richards is author and she do consult expert SEO while writing which can bring more value to articles. She is working on it from past few years. Apart from writing she has interest in social media.