There is more arguments on subject of providing full text feed or partial to your visitors then on subject of Christianity. Don’t worry … I have no intentions to get into religious arguments on this post, although I religiously believe in advantage of [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] over other blog platforms.

In this post I want to introduce a new plugin that takes this advantage to a new high! Providing your visitors choice to subscribe to full or partial [tag-tec]rss feed[/tag-tec] (summary) now is as easy as installing one great plugin – DualFeeds.

Idea behind this plugin is so simple – I can’t believe nobody else came up with this idea until now. Once installed you simply give an option to either get your full feed or only summary. Let your readers decide how they want your content to be delivered to them.

But there is more to it then simple choice. If you have followed my posts you seen my article on Monetize Your WordPress RSS Feed where I discuss another great plugin that allows you to add some marketing (ads) into your feed.

However great and unobtrusive that plugin is – some blog readers don’t like it. Well, now you can easily provide those readers with option to either get full feed with ads or just the summary – without ads.

Another great reason to provide summary feed is for people that subscribe to many feeds and just want to scan the [tag-tec]blog[/tag-tec] headlines and quick summaries to learn what that post is all about. Allow the supporters of partial feed get what they want!

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