Many believe that WordPress has the best SEO options and often term it as an SEO friendly platform but this is only partially correct. The default installation of WordPress is not SEO friendly in the way you would like it to be. Depending only on the default version would give you little chance to succeed with SEO, which can only happen when you start using suitable WordPress plugins with it.  This brings us to the basic design aspects of WordPress websites that have close links to the themes available.  Therefore, when selecting the theme for your website, keep in mind how easy it would be to use suitable plugins. This would make the site perform at top level in search engine optimization.

SEO is not a tool that you can just attach to your website to support your marketing campaign.  The concepts that form the foundation of SEO are the same used for other inbound marketing efforts including social media marketing and paid searches. Moreover, you cannot make the online entity of your business survive unless supported by solid SEO. For realizing the goals of digital marketing, you have no option but to design websites rightly.

Build SEO into the web design

Since any online existence has to depend on SEO, ingrain it into the design of the website right from the stage of conceptualization.  Many companies first create a website and then try to impose SEO on it that results in putting the cart before the horse.  Although it is possible to implement SEO, it limps along instead of galloping. According to the experts at Tayloright, a company engaged in web designing and SEO, if you want SEO to gather momentum as you intensify the marketing efforts then you must start thinking about it from the early stages of designing the website.  You have to infuse SEO into the design to support its smooth implementation. How you can make SEO an integral part of the process of web design would become easy to understand on going through this article.

Set your eyes on SEO friendly website

With high visibility in mind, you have to focus on developing a site that is SEO friendly.  The website must have features that facilitate easy crawling by search engines across the entire website. On crawling the website, search engines understand the content and can judge its quality. Since you are building the site on WordPress that provides ample scope of incorporating search engine friendly features that get activated with plugins,  you are sure of developing a search engine friendly website.

The process begins by creating a digital marketing plan that captures the business model and its accompanying value proposition.  Once you have the plan in place, you can map the business processes that you want to represent on the website. Now begins the design process built on some core elements.

Choosing a domain name

Viewers should be able to make out what your business is about from the domain name as much as possible.  The domain you choose must make sense and most importantly reflect what you do. To make it happen, you have to ensure that all roads lead to Rome by directing all subdomains and variations to the main site. The domain not only tell about your business but can also include the country to it belongs to like the UK, the USA, Australia, etc. Do not be misled by the concept of using keywords in the domain because although it may work for local business, it does not augur well when your business spreads across boundaries.

Select a reliable hosting service

When choosing a hosting service, you must pay topmost attention to the speed and continuity, which are of utmost importance in winning over viewers. The hosting service should be located as close as possible to the target audience, and there can be no compromise with speed.  If you feel necessary, you can stick to some specific platform.

Search engine friendly website

When designing the site, you must first ensure that it would be easy for search engines to crawl it. This would help search engines to understand what the website relates to. Understanding the site facilitates indexing so that search engines can easily find it out against specific search queries.

  • Indexable content – For making sites readable by search engines during crawling, create the primary content based on the text.  Write about what your business does in clear language so that search engines find it easy to understand what you do.
  • Internal link structure – To lead search engines to all pages of the website, create internal links that guide the bots to the right places that you want to appear in indexation.

Good web design tells search engines about the pages even before indexation, and the SEO is built upon the foundation of site structure and information structure which emanate from web design.