Linkedin is a powerful social media platform. You can use this platform to promote your WordPress posts and drive more traffic to your site. But you may find it a bit difficult to update your LinkedIn profile every time you publish a post on your WordPress site. There is a better solution to this problem. You can automate the process of updating your WordPress posts to your LinkedIn profile.

You can Auto-publish your WordPress posts on Linkedin by two ways :

  1. Using IFTTT
  2. Using a Plugin

Both of these methods will enable you to publish your WordPress posts automatically on your LinkedIn profile. Let us see how you can do this:

1. Using IFTTT:

IFTTT stands for if this then that. It is a web service which enables you to create actions using triggers and action and allows you to link your different online accounts. You can choose from a number of available channels Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts.

In order to publish a post automatically using IFTTT, the first thing you need to do is create an account on IFTTT. This is a super simple task, just log on to and click on Sign Up.

After signing up you will be presented with some slide shows making you understand about its working. Just keep following the instructions until you reach the dashboard.

You will find a tab named “My Recipes” on the dashboard page. A recipe is a process created by IFTTT. Now, You nee to click on this tab to create your recipe. You will be able to see all your recipes on this page. You have not yet created any recipe so after clicking on this tab you will be displayed the message “You haven’t created any IF recipes yet!” And all you need to do now is click on “Create a Recipe” button.

A recipe in IFTTT consists of two parts ‘This’ and ‘That’.’This’ is the first part which is a trigger to start the recipe. Now, click on This and IFTTT will show you the channels you for your trigger. You can choose from these channels. Start typing WordPress in the search box to find it and click on it to select it as your trigger channel.

After clicking on WordPress IFTTT will seek your permission to connect your WordPress site. Just click on connect button and continue. You will be displayed with a pop-up window where you need to put in your WordPress site details.

First of all enter, your WordPress site’s URL, then username and then password in the end and click on connect to continue. Now your WordPress site will be connected to IFTTT. Now, when you click on ‘Continue to next step’, IFTTT will ask you to choose from two available triggers “ Any new post” and “New post with tag or category”. Select ‘Any new post’ box to use it as your trigger. Just click on create trigger and continue to next step. Next step is to choose the action to be taken on firing this trigger.

Now click on “that” button in order to define the action when a new post appears on your WordPress site. You need to choose the channel where this action has to happen. Search for LinkedIn and select it as the channel for action. From here you need to connect your LinkedIn account by just clicking on the connect button. Again a popup will open to enter your Linkedin login details. Just fill in your details, click on the button which states ‘Ok, I’ll allow it’ and move forward to the next step.

Next step is to choose the action. You can choose either “Share an update” or “Share a link” to update your Linkedin account. Select share an update option and continue. You need to choose the action fields. your post title and URL fields will be displayed in the status box automatically. Just click on create action and you have created your first recipe. You will get to see the summary of your recipe, just click on ‘create recipe’ to make it live.

Finally, your IFTTT recipe is live and it will automatically share your new posts from WordPress to your Linkedin profile as a status update.

2.Using the Plugin:

Another method to share your WordPress posts on Linkedin is using a plugin. You need “LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin for this purpose. Just install this plugin and activate it. After activating this plugin you will get a new menu option in your WordPress admin panel as ‘LinkedIn Auto Publish’. Just click on this menu and go to the plugins settings page. You will get a link to create a new LinkedIn app on this page along with two URLs of your site. You need to create a LinkedIn app to get client and secret API keys for this plugin.

For this, all you need to do is just visit LinkedIn Developer’s website and click on create application button. Here you will get an application for to create a new app. Simply fill in the required details in the form like company name, your name, description, logo etc. And click on the submit button.

This will lead you to the home page of your newly created Linkedin app. From here you can get you client ID and client secret keys. You also have to add the authorized redirect URL on your app’s dashboard. Just scroll down to find the ‘OAuth 2.0 Authorized Redirect URLs’ area. Go to the plugins setting page and copy the second URL from there. Now paste it in the Authorized Redirect URLs field and click on the add button.

Now copy the Client id and Client Secret keys from the app page and paste it on the plugin settings page. Now click on the Authorize button and your WordPress site will be connected to your Linkedin profile. It will redirect you to the Linkedin page to seek your permission to allow access to the app you created.

Just put in your LinkedIn profile details and click on the Allow Access button and you will be redirected to the plugin settings page.

You have done with the process, now your WordPress posts will be updated to your LinkedIn profile automatically by the use of the plugin.

So which way you are going to choose the IFTTT way of the Plugin way?

Author Bio : Terra Davis is a professional WordPress Developer and currently working with Stellen Infotech, a renowned WordPress Development Company. She is a passionate writer and has actively writing useful blogs and articles about technical stuffs.