If your ping list has grown beyond the original, included with your blog – I bet you quite familiar with a problem of super long wait after hitting that “Publish” button.

I know it annoyed me quite a bit until I have finally decided to research the issue and how to work around it. While pinging RSS aggregator services is quite necessary – amount of services on your ping list greatly contributes to the problem I described above. But fear not, once again solution is here.


Based on my research I found that when you Publish your post, system is designed to go through your ping list and notify each service one by one until all notified. As you add more services to your ping list, delay continues to increase to the point that you start seeing time outs on your page. I have experienced it on several occasions and my list is not too big.


There are several ways to solve the issue that include offloading some of the ping duties from your server and moving them to elsewhere and modifying your [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] installation via [tag-tec]plugin[/tag-tec].

Part 1. I use FeedBurner for my RSS feeds and they provide a great option that solves the issue and will cost you nothing. Under your Feed Publicize menu click on PingShot and enable it. Once activated make sure to enable all available by default options such as: My Yahoo, Bloglines, Ping-o-matic and Newsgator. If you have a podcast (I use Odiogo for automated creation of podcast from every one of my articles) enable also Odeo, I-Tunes and Audio.weblogs.com since they become relevant.

Now you also have an option to add 5 custom services to be pinged when new post is added to your blog. This options are entirely up to you and I simply recommend you pick 5 of the options to unload you Ping list or choose 5 from list predefined by FeedBurner.

Make sure to go through your list and remove ANY duplicate ping from within your blog. Too many pings might ban your blog for spamming.

Part 2. Optimize your blog to remove any chance of been marked as spamer and also to remove the delay on Publish. To solve this problem I personally use 2 plugins:

  1. Smart Update Pinger plugin. Replaces the built-in ping/notify functionality. Pings only when publishing new posts, not when editing.
  2. No Ping Wait plugin. Speeds up posting by moving generic pings to execute-pings.php. A must have if you don’t want to deal with this problem as you post will appear almost instantly and pinging services will be done on background.

Unfortunately on my last check No-Ping-Wait plugin was unavailable on author site so I have decided to provide it for your convenience and only hope that author doesn’t mind.

Click to download No-Ping-Wait plugin.