open source wordpressAlmost every person associated with the web industry realizes the fact that open source solutions tend to produce better and cost-effective results. And the open source feature can be considered as a crucial factor that led to the evolution of the most popular and extensively used CMS, WordPress. I doubt that WordPress would have received the same recognition as it enjoys today, without the open source feature. This post throws light on how open-source feature has been the driving force behind WordPress popularity, but before that let’s have an overview of what open source exactly means.

A Brief on Open Source

According to Wikipedia, open source software, also referred to as OSS is a computer software having source code that can be distributed and modified if needed. And in layman’s terms, WordPress is open source means that it is free to be used by anyone and provides users the freedom to perform anything with it, particularly, to alter the code and customize the UI. And so, since WordPress is open source people can play around with it according to their needs, which means you can modify and adjust the WordPress platform.

Contribution of Open Source in WordPress Popularity

WordPress was built as an open source software from the very beginning. This feature was incorporated by “Matt Mullenweg” and “Mike Little”, as customization ability seemed to be an attractive feature for the users.

Original Code is Freely Available

Developers can access the original code for free, and are allowed to change the code as they deem perfect. This not only helps them save a lot of their time to start a project from scratch, but they could even contribute the changes they made to the code to others. What’s more, if you aren’t code-savvy even then you could make recommendations to other knowledgeable developers.

Open Source Makes Collaboration Better

It’s certain serious programmers always want to learn what improvements they can make in their code, and probably might ask for help from other experienced programmers. Open source helps to create collaboration between programmers to exchange their codes for improvements. Usually, programmers choose WordPress community to share their programming issues and even contribute their codes once they’ve achieved success in their project. This way WP community is always ready to lend a hand whenever any WordPress beginner needs some assistance in their WordPress venture. Put it simply, you can easily fetch the code to add some additional features in your site or re-use the existing code, and alter it to adjust it according to your project.

Open Source Association with WordPress Plugins and Themes

As we all know, WordPress plugins and themes are major contributing factors in the popularity of the WordPress platform. While plugins help to extend a WP powered site functionality, themes, on the other hand, lets WordPress users render a different look and feel to a website. And thus, it’s obvious that without the thousands of plugins and themes that WordPress offers, certainly it would not have been as coveted as it is today.

What’s important to note is that WordPress’s GPL license extends to the WordPress plugins and themes as well. You can access a lot of remarkably useful plugins and fantastic themes for free. This is another reason that augments the growth of WordPress and makes it a preferred choice among start-up businesses or SMBs planning to build their business site.

The outcome is that open source delivers innovation in WordPress, and as the software and code is made free more and more users show interest in utilizing WP CMS. And so, open source has played a significant role in making WordPress what it is today.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Just think what would you like to choose – a software that is copyrighted and isn’t open-source, or a software that is open-source and has been used for creating more improved code by numerous programmers and developers; who probably didn’t make the changes for money but rather to explore what better they could provide. It’s pretty obvious you will choose the second option. WordPress is the perfect open source content management system that could help you build a solid web presence. Hopefully, this post will help you better understand what open source has done for the WordPress CMS.

About Author: Ben Wilson is an enthusiastic and WordPress fashionable writer. He likes writing insightful knowledge about WordPress related services. His core proven hands are converting html to wordpress theme online. Besides all he is a depth WordPress programmer.