Is your blog ready for Mobile Web? Allow me to ask you a question:

When last time you have walked in the mall or airport, how many people did you see using their mobile phone or smart phone and not making a call?

Does it make you wonder what exactly do they do and perhaps even more importantly – How Does It Impact you? According to an interesting report by Research Brief in US cell phone penetration is over 80%. Meaning that over 80% of people have a phone and use it on regular bases.

How they Use It and How We can take advantage of it (mobilize your blog) will be discussed in this article…

mobile web usage in us

Take a look at the screenshot from the report already mentioned above (click to see full size)

These are the results of the last 30 days for the mobile functions usage in US alone. And while some might see importance of the ring tones, etc … I decided to purely ignore them. Also while picture taking and Text Messaging can be used for the web, such as Twitter messages or pics sharing – we don’t have real numbers and once again I have decided to ignore them.

But still, even after removing all non-essential to us functions we have 24% of the cell phone users who have potential to be your blog visitor, your reader, your customer! Here is quick spread:

19% were accessing Internet

3% Streamed Videos

2% Shopped

24% of the potential customers who missed your blog all together unless you have taken steps to make it Mobilized!

Mobilizing Your Blog

As much as I would like to make this seem complex – it is not! In fact it is as simple as installing one plugin and then testing it. Period, nothing more to it!

Step 1: Install WordPress Mobile Edition plugin by Alex King.

Please make sure to read the guide provided. You have to place one file into your plugins folder and then one folder into your themes folder. The just activate and move to…

Step 2: Test your blog mobility!

Obviously the best way to do it is via a web browser built into your new shiny phone. There is a good usage for it! Test your blog 😈 . But if you are like me and use phone only for what it was intended – such as phone calls….

Here is a free tool to test and see how it will appear to Mobile Browsers:

Google Mobile Simulator

Step 3: enjoy!

Wasn’t that simple? I hope so and now you can hopefully get a share of those mobile internet users. Hey, how about you use a Twitter and tweet about this post 😎