“Comments” provide interactivity levels to blogs, creating one of the major attractions to this particular style of web publishing. But comments are actually a lot more than that. Comments are not just a means of communicating, providing backlinks and a way of sharing opinions… but they’re also a way for you – as a blog owner – to receive the recognition you deserve and the traffic you need.

With a great wealth of plugins available for WordPress, it makes it really easy to show your “commenters” just how much you appreciate the time they took to express their opinions by commenting on your blog. And by showing this in the most meaningful way possible you get to benefit through increased numbers of comments, bigger community, larger reader base and as a result – more options for you to earn $$$ from your blog.

Yep, in the end, “earning” from your efforts is still very important for most of us!

In this post I will provide a list of plugins for WordPress that I found to be most useful and beneficial.

While some of these plugins have been discussed previously, some are new-comers to my blog and have helped me to enhance my “commenting system” by providing either enhanced or even brand new functionality!

So here is the list in alphabetical order …

Better Comments Manager

Excellent plugin that greatly enhances your Admin Management Interface for Comments in WordPress. While it doesn’t replace existing comments management (although it resides along-side), I found myself using this specific plugin more and more. In fact, I hardly ever utilize the default installation anymore.

Click here to see a full list of features and download Better Comments Manager.

Brian’s Threaded Comments

Although information on the author’s blog states that this plugin works with Wp 1.5, I’ve found that it actually works perfectly well on my own WordPress 2.3 blog!

One thing you do have to know though is “how to work with your theme files so as to modify them and have them working properly”. I do love the way it displays your “comments” and how it gives anyone the ability to reply to a specific comment. It’s this type of interaction that helps to create a far more meaningful conversation. Visit and download you plugin here.

Chunk URLs For Comments

Have you seen people post a comment on your post with a long URL that completely breaks the formating and goes out of bounds? This specific plugin allows you to chunk posted links without breaking the link itself. A great option that allows you to keep the functionality and retain full control over the look of your blog. Download this great plugin here.


A great new plugin I have just found and installed on my blog. Its functionality is so simple and yet genius – every time someone comments on your blog it goes out to the blog URL provided by commenter. It then retrieves the most recent post from their blog RSS and inserts it under the comment. Although the overall processing time takes a little longer, the comment you finally end up with is more than worth it!

What’s in it for your “commentors?”

Heaps! They get rewarded by having their latest post display directly beneath the comment with the link to it!

Now that is some serious link love… and I encourage you to try it by commenting on this post! In the mean time download your plugin here.

Comment Relish

Great plugin that automatically sends email you configure in admin interface to commenter and thanks them for taking the time to provide feedback. eMail is configured by you and provides you with option to incert some custom fields and variables to personalize the message. email is ONLY send on very first comment by a person on your blog to prevent spamming and if you never commented on my blog – test its functionality by making a comment here. And make sure to download your version here and watch a complete video tutorial on this plugin posted on my blog..


Fight the SPAM not valid commentors. I believe in giving a full seo benefits to my commenters so if you leave a comment and provide a link to your blog – I Do Follow and I use this great plugin for automation of process. Get yours here.

Get Recent Comments

Plugin allows you to get a list of most recent comments and trackbacks and display it on your sidebar using your own formating fully compliant with your theme. It shows activity by readers on your blog and an easy way to involve your other readers into participation. Download it here.

Live Comment Preview

One of my favorites this plugin provides an option to preview comment as you type it. Light weight plugin with huge functionality and the only thing it’s lacking is ability to display smileys like this one 🙂 Even though it states compatibility with WordPress 1.5 it works just fine with 2.3 and it is definately worth the download, so get it here.

Recent Comments Widget

While not a plugin and requires at least a WordPress 2.1 and theme compatible with widgets this one allows you to display last commenters in sidebar in a nice nested mode. Drug and drop functionality with configurable options on how many comments to display it is a great addition to you blog.

Spam Karma 2

Sharing the link love is great but you need to be able to protect yourself from comments SPAM and there is plenty of this to go around. I get several hundered on daily bases. Lucky me I use Spam karma 2 which identifies and kills 99.9% of it on autopilot 🙂 Protect your blog now.

Subscribe To Comments

Give your commenters an easy way to follow conversation by subscribing to email notifications when a new comment posted on topic of their interest. This encourages participation and gives people ability to folow conversation without search for whatever topic they took part in previously. Anytime you can make it easy for visitors to do what they want – you increase interest in your blog, so start here.

A few simple plugins that will help you greatly improve comments system of your WordPress blog and as result increase readership through participation. People love to make their opinion known and giving an option to do it in an easy way will serve you good.