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WordPress security has become one of the “involved” topics for me this year and led to the creation of the concept I called “Triple P Of WordPress Security“. Idea behind it extremely simple – create a comprehensive and easy to carry out and support security perimeter for your blog that will allow you not only be protected against current exploits and any new, “Zero Day” hacks that will inevitably be created but also help you recover your blog WHEN disaster strikes!

And I used word WHEN for a reason – No Site Is 100% Secure!

Be it a blog, static site or any other script driven online presence – it is always in danger, just with some scripts more that with others! My goal was to help people secure their WordPress installations using a set of easy to follow video presentations and this is how Lock Your Blog was born!

I have to be honest here – initially my partner and I planned to release this DVD as a fully fledged Informational Product at $97.

Price justified by the fact that it addresses a very painful topic for those who need it and I know for a fact people are willing to pay a lot more for their business blog to be properly secured – I have taken my share of consulting fees!

In fact it was a Perfect Informational Product as it addresses a VERY urgent need and falls into a class of easy to sell but then we decided against it!

Lock Your Blog Is Released As Free DVD

My partner and I have put quite a bit of work into creating this product and now proud to simply give it away.

Well, you actually have to pay Shipping and Handling to access it but the DVD itself is free.

Instead of charging full price, we simply ask that people Shipping and Handling and as long as your country is one we can ship to (complete list provided on signup page) – we will send you the DVD.

Digital Version of the entire DVD is also provided and if you don’t live in country that we ship to – you can take advantage of that option. I know it doesn’t seem fair but for simplicity sake we just created one membership level that gives you access to both versions – Physical DVD and Digital Version.

Just be mindful when you chose to order that I have clearly stated – there will be No Refunds!

By giving this product away instead of selling it we made conscious decision to give up profits but since the value of the product didn’t change and it is still a complete tutorial, it is still a Physical DVD that costs us to print and to mail – we will not be providing any refunds, so window shoppers please don’t waste our time and yours.

In a spirit of full disclosure I have to say that we do have a bit of extra attached to each S&H purchase as we pay our affiliates $1 for each purchase to ensure that product spreads through the web.

Check It Out and Let Me Know What You Think!

lock your blog free dvd