Big SEO companies have discovered a unique way of dominating Google and other major search engines. The secret they use is to write a total unique seo article that is focused on the primary keyword and related keywords. In this article I will discuss how you can write a quality seo article that can rank well and thus push your site to the first page on

Below are secrets that are used by big seo firms and I would encourage that you implement for your link building process:

A. Keyword Research: Doing keyword research is an important process in article writing/marketing. My primary keyword tool that I use is Google Keyword Tool. The said tool is effective in identifying profitable keywords. Make sure to select a less competitive keyword that has high volume traffic.

B. Content Writing: Once you have identified keywords that you want o rank for, now its time to write your article that is user friendly. If you write article that are custom to readers, links will follow you, don’t focus too much on search engine. From my own experience I would encourage that you write 1000 article words this because you will be writing an in-depth article that is user friendly. When writing a pillar article make sure to include related keywords that are based on your primary keyword. If you cant write 1000 article words then the minimum you can write is 700 period no debate about it.

C. Content Promotion: Once you have written you article from the above step, you should post your pillar article to your own blog. After you have posted your article then the remaining part is to promote it so that it can be found by search engines. Below are methods that you should use when promoting your content:

  • Article Distribution
  • Web2.0
  • Forum Marketing
  • Ezine Adverting
  • Social Media

    When you use the above methods in a legitimate way, I can assure that you will start to see results depending on your keyword strength. If you want to rank high on major search engine make sure to write a killer article that will impact your blog to the next level.

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