This is a follow up post to my previous CommentLuv Plus DoFollow Equal Unlimited Link Love and building n idea of getting backlinks with Full PR juice to your blog. As we know that number of backlinks to your blog is one of the major determining factors to how Google and other SE’s will define your authority.

But it is not the only factor! In fact there are quite a few more things to consider, such as where the link is coming from, what keywords used to link back to your blog, etc. In this post we will evaluate an opportunity presented by KeywordLuv plugin to get some quality backlinks to your blog!

First of all – what exactly are we trying to achieve here?

  1. Get backlinks with Your Chosen Keywords as Anchor
  2. Get backlinks ONLY from blogs that pass PR juice
  3. Get backlinks for FREE and from Content (just the way Google loves it)!

Meeting these objectives can be a bit time consuming but at the end very rewarding! And all made possible by KeywrodLuv plugin created by Stephen Cronin who also has a few other just as useful plugins I recommend you look at.

Now, this plugin will be useless on ANY blog not enabling the DoFollow in one form or another. While there are multiple ways to enable DoFolow, I prefer using Lucia Linky Love plugin that enables DoFollow based on settings I define.

My blog gives commenters Full PR Juice after 3 approved comments. This way I reward good commenters and successfully battle the comment SPAM!

While it is up to you whether to use the plugins I specify on your blog or not – it has greatly boosted response on my own and I can recommend you try it!

1. Locate Blogs With KeywordLuv and DoFollow

As I have stated above – having KeywordLuv plugin means nothing if the blog doesn’t allow DoFollow. Strangely I have seen people enabling it and yet leaving the default NoFollow attribute on their WordPress blog. Guys – you are wasting precious resources!

Simply do a search on Google for “keywordluv dofollow” and you will locate a few lists that present blogs with DoFollow enabled and KeywrodLuv installed. Pick one and begin investigating.

2. Verify the DoFollow

Just because a blog has KeywordLuv – doesn’t mean it leaks PR juice. I jave no idea why they installed it in first place but you need to be aware of that and verify. Most bloggers will make a statement related to DoFollow in one form or another.

Here is an example on Comment Form of my blog:



But please – Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

Policy or statement could have been written a while back and blogger might have forgotten to change it… Be sure to look at the source of the link and verify that what is stated is true.

See an example below. My comment form states that after 3 approved comments your keywords will become a DoFollow link. Locating a comment with 3 approved comments is easy and now verified! So comment away on my blog:

dofollow verificaton

dofollow verificaton

3. Comment With Your Keywords

Making a quality comment is the key. Your comment should contribute to conversation and add value to ensure it gets approved and you get to benefit from all the options! Afetr all – you took the time to locate the blog that is willing to give you link back, why risk getting your comment deleted just because you made a piss poor comment in order to get link?=

This task is simple – just see the image below. KeywordLuv allow you to comment just like shown in picture and those keywords become Anchor text for the link provided by you. Because it is coming from Content Page – it is ranked with higher quality and if you manage to find a blog related to your Niche – you just scored additional points!

keywordluv comment

keywordluv comment

Go ahead, get some back links and Do Share this Post using Options Below!