What is jQuery? You must be asking yourself. JQuery is a fast, small, and rich Java Script library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. With a combination of versatility and extensibility, jQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.

There are numerous other JavaScript frameworks out there but jQuery seems to be the most popular and also the most extendable. Actually it is the application recommended by most Chicago SEO companies. jQuery is used by some big companies on their websites. You might want to know a few.

They include:

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. IBM
  4. Netflix among others

Another question that might be lingering in your mind is what makes jQuery such a great JavaScript framework? Well, ask no more. Consider the following benefits:

  • It does not take away from the visibility of web page content from the search engines. The problem with other applications such as flash is that your content is lost if JavaScript is turned off in the user’s browser.
  • JQuery is a very small, clean code that won’t bog down the loading time of web pages like flash and other applications usually do.
  • Five lines of jQuery are equivalent to 25 lines of conventional JavaScript code, which relates to the least amount of “bloat” or extra unnecessary code. This means smaller files and faster loading web pages.
  • Easy implementation for web designers and developers when compared to other applications.
  • Works in all browsers. There is no need to worry about your browser type. JQuery works across the board. And by the way, this is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular applications.
  • Detailed documentation and useful examples for using query on its website.
  • JQuery is a free open source software. When you are running low on cash, web developing does not stop, jQuery keeps it moving. And since it is open source, you can easily learn the code and use the knowledge to develop other applications of your interests.
  • It is straightforward to produce powerful and dynamic websites.
  • Webpage elements display even if JavaScript is disabled in the browser.
  • Simplifies AJAX
  • Commands can be “chained” so that results of one command can then control others.
  • Has a built-in set of applications that can also be used as commands.
  • Makes basic webpages become really interesting interactive pages with minimal key strokes.
  • JQuery can perform all of the fancy animations and transitions as flash but in a cleaner, simpler and more SEO friendly way.
  • Large software companies like Microsoft, supports using jQuery in their applications, such as visual studio, as evidence of their support of jQuery’s superior product.

Well, how does the whole jQuery thing work? It is not rocket science. JavaScript uses jQuery to find all of a specified HTML element, for example, a tag within a page that has the CSS class of “tick” and then animate it to slowly scroll, like you would see in a news ticker. jQuery can also find a HTML element with a specified CSS identification class and then retrieve every other sub-element within it and reset the element to have another specified CSS class. This could result in alternating styles for HTML elements, like table rows, to alternate the background color of each row.

The effects and animations of jQuery are evident when a user interacts with a HTML element, either by using a mouse clicking on the element, hovering over it, pausing on it etc. these are some effects and animations jQuery can utilize:

  • Scroll, fade in, fade out, fade to, zoom, drawer
  • Show, hide toggle
  • Slide up, slide down, slide toggle
  • Stop, queue
  • Load, resize, scroll, drag

Web developers enjoy using jQuery. This is because jQuery makes web pages more exciting, interactive, cleaner, and more user friendly. jQuery has a lot of featured plugins. These include:

  • Photo slideshows
  • Photo galleries
  • Manipulating images by cropping and resizing
  • Tabbed content
  • Form validation
  • Scrolling or sliding texts for example news tickers
  • Accordion effects
  • Interactive maps
  • Fancy menus and navigations
  • Advanced animations
  • Music and video players
  • Background image animations among others

WordPress blogs and websites are extremely popular. However, many users fail to realize what potential they have by their side when using WordPress. WordPress plugins expand the functionality of the blogs and webs. The plugins also gives you an edge over other blog sites and web development platforms.

Better User Experience

For example, WordPress live chat plugin gives you an opportunity to interact with your clients at a personal level. This greatly improves your customer service because customers are talking to a real s person and their issues are handled real time. This helps you a lot with regards to brand positioning and business development.

The social media share buttons also give WordPress an advantage over its competitors. It has an easy format to install the plugins and allows you to create social media buttons that give your readers a way to share your content. This can help you use the social media marketing platform to advertise your products.

Simple and Secure

Some of the best security features of WordPress arise as a result of creation of the plugins. This makes WordPress a very safe platform to use. There is a plugin called security ninja, which has been developed. This plugin secures both your information and your customer’s creating a secure online experience. This plugin is a unique product of WordPress and you cannot find it elsewhere.

WordPress also offers a wide variety of SEO tools. Actually, it has the greatest amount of SEO plugins available. This variety of plugins gives you a rare opportunity to choose what suits you. You should equip your site with SEO plugins that makes Google pick you among the crowd.

Over the years, WordPress has optimized its tools and this has given it an advantage over other web hosting platforms. Because of its convenience, you can choose it as well.

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