What do all these things have in common? Actually quite a lot …

But lets start with Jack London. He is one of the most known American writers and he was also “one of the first Americans to make a huge financial success from writing” (Wikipedia). Well guess what?! You are NOT him! And neither am I, or do I ever expect to become like him. So here is the Big Question:

  • Why Give Me A Cut-off Feed From Your Blog?

Yeah, there I said it. Feel free to blast me for it in comments but before you do perhaps my short explanation will be worth reading?

I know my writing style will never reach the complexity of “The Call of the Wild” but perhaps my explanation at least will help your [tag-tec]blog[/tag-tec]. I subscribe and on daily bases scan feeds from about 20+ different blogs and nothing inconvenience me more then having to click on the link <more> to read the rest of the story.

RSS was created as a way to allow people to have content delivered to them, ON DEMAND. That is WHY I subscribed in the first place. I want to have the information to be available at my convenience. Unless your short version of RSS delivers a punch with each and every post that forces me to click (which I doubt many bloggers can accomplish) I will unsubscribe – plain and simple.

Some bloggers still believe that providing short version of RSS feed will deliver them more frequent visits – it will not. While I might click to read an occasional post I’m a lot more likely to unsubscribe because the promise of content on demand wasn’t delivered. I, like most other blog reader realize that every blog is not just the information in your posts and if your content is engaging I will be more inclined to visit it and make comments and participate in community then click on link to get the rest of the information that was already promised to me.

And here comes the kicker. If you are using [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] 2.1+ you will notice a very nasty “feature” – if you use <more> tags in your posts to avoid duplicate content penalties for your blog and rank better in SE – WP simply cuts off all the content from feed that goes after that tag. Your settings in admin to deliver full feed will not change that fact. That is unless you install a nifty [tag-tec]plugin[/tag-tec] “Full Text Feed” that overwrites that setting and removes “more” tag from [tag-tec]RSS feed[/tag-tec]. Do install it – it works, just subscribe to my feed to see details (a shameless plug).

I have learned about this plugin by reading comments one of my all time favorite blogs – Friday Traffic Report. You see- it is well worth visiting the blogs as sometimes comments made by readers deliver just as valuable information as the author’s post itself.

So stop dreaming of accomplishing what Jack London did and Give Your Full RSS! And now is the chance you were waiting for – comment at will!