Acquisition of Intense Debate start-up by Automattic has ended the argument of comment management for WordPress, at least in my mind.  While I have to admit – Intense Debate wouldn’t have been my own personal choice as I prefer to keep all comments local, choice by Automattic ends the arguments…

And allow me explain why, with examples….

First of all – let me state:

I currently use SezWho because I like the way they have done the comment management and consistent profiles with allowing me to keep the content but here comes the kicker….

If Automattic has acquired Intense Debate – we can fully expect the ID to be fully integrated into the blog core and it makes no sense, unless you are really stubborn, to stick with anything else. In fact Matt specifically states that integration is coming on his blog.

I love options just as much as anyone else and I promote versatility when it comes to the blog design but I also love simplicity! Less plugins – faster your blog loads and if functionality provided out of the box – no reason to reinvent the wheel, however unfortunate it might be.

Plus by staying with the options supported by the Core Developers you are less likely to run into compatibility problems when core is upgraded.

Just take a look at what happened to Spam Karma 2. In my personal opinion it was superb plugin for fighting spam on your blog but the guys behind the coding simply couldn’t keep up with frequent changes and updates to the WordPress core and I had to remove plugin due to compatibility issues.

Comment management and portability is what is seen as next big step and no matter how much I prefer solution provided by SezWho – once Intense Debate opens its installation options again – my commenting system goes through major overhaul and switch to ID.

If reliability and less complexity alone with functionality is on your list – you might want to evaluate your options! Intense Debate will be De facto soon.