You are not misreading! The title is correct and I’m going to share in this post an information that will make your WordPress blog really Suck-in some subscribers 🙂 .

an11.gifWe are all part of multiple social groups, associations and organizations whether willingly or not is a different issue but what perhaps is most important – we tend to act in accordance to our associations. Sometimes opinion of the group is so overpowering that we tend to do things as everyone else, even when it goes against our previous thoughts.

So without digging into psychology and simply knowing that it is true – why not take advantage of it? Your WordPress blog can greatly benefit from increased subscribers number and present you with more options to express your opinion, share your experience and perhaps monetize your efforts.

That little “Readers Count” chiclet from FeedBurner that displays number of current ACTIVE readers acts as an attraction by showing that people found your blog to be something worth to subscribe to. It acts just like the voice of the crowd, only not so obnoxiously and less annoying and the bigger that number becomes – more people will click to subscribe.

So why not take full advantage of it?

  • Explain Benefits of Subscribing. RSS is a fairly new concept and not everyone is completely familiar with it so explaining its benefits to your blog readers is just as important as providing an option to subscribe. I have read a post on this topic a while back and created my own, describing the basics of technology and its benefits to my readers. Lo and behold – my subscriber numbers increased and continue to do so. Analyzing my stats I also found that this link is clicked quite often, so it is most definitely worth keeping.
  • Provide full RSS feed. I don’t know about you but I personally prefer to get the full news when I subscribe and I always treat my readers same way as I would like to be treated. There is a great plugin that allows you to provide full feed RSS with latest WordPress, take advantage of it.
  • Provide easily recognized subscription formats. Having my bright orange RSS button in prominent location has most definitely helped me but from talking with one of my less technical friends I have discovered that she doesn’t click RSS subscription unless her favorite Bloglines option is clearly presented. Perhaps this is simply a matter of a habit but it made me wonder – how many other possible subscribers I have failed to capture? So I had to quickly do a research and implemented a new Widget WP-Chiclets, now prominently presented on my blog.

Simple steps outlined above WILL help you to make your WordPress blog work harder for you and really suck-in some subscribers.

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