Making your blog or website mobile-friendly is especially easy to do when you’ve built your site with WordPress. With very little effort, you can have your blog looking great no matter which device you access it from.

Another benefit of making the switch to mobile friendly is that it could help your website rank higher in Google’s search results. When someone searches using a mobile device, the results will include a simple “Mobile friendly” tag next to your web address, letting users know that they will be able to access all of your content easily.

Here are a few ideas to help you make the move to mobile-friendly.

You can use one of the available plugins

WordPress allows you a number of user-friendly ways to make your website accessible on mobile devices. The simplest way is through the use of plugins. Plugins are a big help when the content of your website takes precedence over the design of the website. If you are overly concerned with the design of your site, you will want to consider other options. The following plugins will work great for helping your readers access your important blog content, however.

This plugin offers both a free and a premium version for users. The level you choose is up to you, but both versions work well. What this plugin does is create a completely different mobile-friendly theme anytime readers access your site from their mobile device. Your regular desktop theme will remain untouched. This ensures your visitors will be able to read your content easily, but don’t expect high design. The theme included with this plugin is very basic.

WordPress Mobile Pack
This offers more depth than the previous plugin. With this, you will have the ability to select and customize a few features of your mobile site. Like the color scheme, for example. You can even edit your posts and create new content from the mobile site.

Jetpack offers a range of services for your WordPress blog. It’s available on every platform because it was created by It is an easy way to give your blog a mobile theme that looks clean and runs fast. One advantage to Jetpack over the other plugins is that you will have the option to add your own custom headers and backgrounds to the mobile version of your website, rather than being stuck with what the plugin gives you.

This is another simple plugin. It senses when a visitor is coming from a mobile device and it will display your website in a mobile-friendly theme. You can create a different theme for different devices if you choose.

You can use a responsive theme for your blog

If a plugin doesn’t sound like the right option for you, you can easily install a responsive theme. The advantage of using a responsive theme over a simple plugin is that it is more robust and will keep your design consistent across all platforms — mobile and desktop alike.

There are an enormous number of mobile responsive themes available for the WordPress platform and many great looking ones are even free. For example, the standard free themes available when you first install your WordPress blog like Twenty Eleven and others, will give you a nice looking — although basic — theme.

The final option available to you is to have a new theme custom designed for you. This is, of course, the priciest option, but it will ensure that you get all the design features that are important to you.

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