012_19.gifI’ve been watching this [tag-tec]plugin[/tag-tec] closely but decided not to write about it on initial release. [tag-tec]WordPress Automatic Upgrade[/tag-tec] Plugin sounds like a superb idea and one that will become a true life saver for many bloggers but …

Early releases usually have issues and bugs and this one wasn’t an exception 🙂 . Hint: Anytime you decide to try a new plugin that updates database or modifies tables – be 100% sure you have a good backup or you will get burned! But looks like Keith (author) was able to act on reports from early adopters and address the issues, so it is time to let you know about it.

What WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin does?

In a nutshell- it upgrades your [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] blog to the latest files available from wordpress.org. And what I like the most that it runs checks to estimate if this upgrade in place is even possible for your specific installation. I personally think it can be a great time saver especially when you need to upgrade several blogs due to a newly discovered bug or security issues that affects you.

One main requirement for this plugin is that you have ready your FTP access credentials ready. It uses ftp protocol to get the files as in some cases your host doesn’t allow user under which credentials your site is run under to download files direct. Actually quite good idea and this is one of the fixes implemented in new version.

Should You Use It?

This answer is really up to you. I’m still holding out on it and want to give it a few more days to see what problems will be reported by the early users of this plugin and then perhaps dive in with my development site.

Word of caution: If you decide to install WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin make absolutely sure to backup you files and database prior to do the install. You want to be sure that you have a way out if run into any major issues.

Where Do I get It?

Visit the author’s blog to download your WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin and to keep an eye for possible issues by following comments. Enjoy.