Last Thursday Google team has announced release of the “Living Stories” to WordPress community as open source code. It contains several WordPress  plugins and a custom theme required to run properly. Good news is that code is portable to other themes and if you are willing to dig into code – instructions provided.


I think concept is extremely intriguing as it opens possibilities for bloggers to become the NICHE leader by providing most current updates on topic. Obviously I haven’t used this one yet and from everything I have read on it so far – you might be limited to stories within the Living Stories project, I would appreciate correction if I’m wrong here.

If you are thinking “automated content” and such – you better forget that idea! Living stories integration and maintenance will be a fairly manual process unless someone takes it one step farther.

I do think that in its present state it still has an ability to give you an edge over your competitors by allowing you to become a center for relevant information. Living Stories uses code to create an extremely functional pages that provide latest information on topic. Instead of talking – here is the video where you can see it in action:

If you have already implemented this one – let me know! I would be interested to see results.