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Free Translate Widget For Your Blog

Web 2.0 is all about interaction about people without boundaries. Unfortunately not everyone speaks English and I think giving an option to people to read your pages in their native language is a definite fit for any web 2.0 blog. Should you add an option to have your pages automatically translated or not is up to you but here is what I have found:

  • After just 2 weeks my logs show that an option to translate my pages have been used over 300 times. Not much you might think but I look at it as I managed to reach a market that I would have never got a word to before.

Obviously results will vary depending on the theme and general topic of your site but since its free – why not provide an extra service to your visitors? There is a downfall to this [tag-tec]plugin[/tag-tec]. Google automated [tag-tec]translation[/tag-tec] is way too far from perfect. As a bi-lingual person I have personally tested translation of my pages and while I wasn’t too impressed – I was able to get the idea of what it was about 🙂 .

Now if you decide to actually integrate into your [tag-tec]WordPress[/tag-tec] blog this widget I have to give credit to its original creator at All I have done is simply provide an option to have all the flag images hosted on your blog (in theme folder) and used some php code for automated detection and display of the widget. All details on integration included into README.txt file.

Download your widget here.

Please use comments on this post with any support questions.

IMPORTANT: I have found that in some themes people have problems to get the widget to display.  Code for the widget inclusion HAS TO BE placed before Widgets loop begins. Here is an example of what it might look like:

<?php if ( function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) && dynamic_sidebar(2) ) : else : ?>

Please place translate.php inclusion BEFORE that loop begins on your theme.

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82 Responses to “Free Translate Widget For Your Blog”

  1. Torsten says:

    I also considered using such a plugin as my website is in german language and cause of this the possible amount of readers is limited.
    But after I saw the quality of translation, I think, when I write the posts in english myself it can’t get worse and people at least will understand what it is about.

  2. TheSpot-er says:


    I almost agree. Problem is I can write only in 2 languages 🙂 Plugins like this offer a functionality to auto-translate into several, however imperfect it is. One can only hope that it will improve.

    • John Alden says:

      This might be a pretty old post, but thank you so much mate! I was (embarrassingly) using auto Google Translate for some of my websites for a long time now. This will surely help me with some of my multi-lingual WP websites! 🙂

  3. alamster says:

    Thanks, I often see in my stats, people translate to Korea and Japan. By providing the tools it’s better than nothing. Might be they get general idea of the post. About quality I think became worst since my English isn’t good either 🙂

    Which one is good between google and babelfish?

    • Sarah O. says:

      Long time ago babelfish used to be way better, but now I’ve tried google with transaltions between languages like hebrew, italian, german and spanish, it was unexpected, but it did great, maybe some languages like the one they talk in slovenia, and similar languages are not being well translated to english, but I can say google is better from far.
      .-= Sarah O.´s last blog ..Chica Grafitti Vistela =-.

  4. TheSpot-er says:


    I’m bi-lingual and I used to use babelfish but since Google came out with their translate service – I use it exclusively. From perspective of 2 languages I know – they were equal last I checked.

    I do know one thing. I use for one of my projects Typo3 CMS and have been using it for last 4-5 years. Since lots of documentation for it is in German – I always use Google Translate to get the info I need. So as you can see I’m using this service quite often myself and that is why I believe in providing same benefits to my visitors.

  5. Dave Wong says:

    I installed the flags folder in my theme root and place the translate.php into the root as well but the flags are not appearing on my sidebars?

    • TheSpot-er says:

      Dave, you have to include the translate.php into your theme …

      < ?php include translate.php ?>

      Place it in the location where you want tags to appear.


  6. Dave Wong says:


    i place flags folder and translate.php into the above path root . Yes, i did put these on my sidebar widgets but it just arent showing

  7. Dave Wong says:

    this is the code i copied from the readme.txt from the zip file and i includeded in the sidebar widget text box for it still arent displaying,

    i tried yours and and but it still dont work too.

  8. Dave Wong says:

    sorry for the duplicate comment as i want to show u the codes i inputed but it doesnt seem to show here.

    this is the code i copied from the readme.txt from the zip file and i includeded in the sidebar widget text box for it still arent displaying,

    i tried yours and and but it still dont work too.

    • TheSpot-er says:


      Please use contact me page and email me. Allow me access to your admin interface (change a password for me temporarily).

      I can have a look help you figure out what is wrong …


  9. mervandi says:

    hi, thank you for the info and the software (plugin) either.
    i’ve downloaded the plugin, and activated it successfully. but still i could not get translation immediately, since google block by saying that it is somekind like a malware or virus request. is it normal to have google block like this at the beginning ?
    thank you

    • TheSpot-er says:

      Hmm .. no its not.

      I don’t have that issue and my logs stats show that plugin highly used on my blog. Perhaps something mis-configured?


      • mervandi says:

        i’m not sure about this mis-configure, i mean i could have done something wrong but i don’t know where.
        or may be you could help me to test one of my post (the translate button is at the top-most right sidebar). thank you.

  10. Dave Wong says:

    apparently no one can solve my problem

    • TheSpot-er says:

      Dave ….

      Your theme seem to have some issues in properly recognizing it. I would recommend temporarily switching to default Kubric theme and see if it works on it. If does – that points to the source of the problem …


  11. Hey I just found this translator and unlike the one your presently using this will also build up your site content by creating a new folder for each language .
    So /it/ for Italian and so forth



    • TheSpot-er says:

      Yep, seen that one but something within that specific plugin code that instead of translation creates error:

      “We’re sorry…

      … but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application.”

      So far that error was consistent and I personally choose not to implement it … but thnx for heads-up.


  12. Alex
    not sure when that was, but they use google & Altavista Babel Fish now. You can choose one of the other.
    I did read the comments and he was having some issue with that, seems to work fine on my blog..
    all the best.

  13. Greanty says:

    Well I think users can modify the code page to add any language themself!

  14. Greanty says:

    hehe~good! May I ask that do you like to share your blog with Chinese? I think not because there’s no chinese flag in your translator lists….?!

  15. TheSpot-er says:


    I have simply taken what was offered – Chinese wasn’t one of them – sorry.