Since I have made a small contribution to Brians Threaded Comments (v. 1.5.18) plugin, mainly in a form of suggestion I feel responcible for sharing how to Force Brians Threaded Comments work nicely with WordPress 2.5 plus and SezWho 2.1 plugin.

I know it might seem like a lot of acronyms but they will all make sense once I have describe the problem and then will provide a simple solution…

This “issue” only exists with a specific although should be fairly common combination of core and plugins: WordPress 2.5.* (anything above 2.5 since this relies on built in Gravatar support), Brians Threaded Comments (v. 1.5.18 since this is when it first introduced implementation of Gravatars or MyAvatars into the plugin) and SezWho (v. 2.0 plus since this is when I first started using it :D).

What Is The Problem?

  1. BTC 1.5.18 provided us with option to enable display of the Gravatars provided with WordPress 2.5 if commenter has a Gravatar account. Plugin has also integrated a CSS class to display the Gravat in a very specific location within the form. Which is quite nice and if you only use BTC with WordPress 2.5 – you shouldn’t DO ANYTHING! It will simply work once you enable Display Avatars under Discussion Settings.
  2. However – if you decide to implement SezWho 2.0+ plugin which also enables you to display avatar but a bit more portable – you got some issues. There is no obvious way to disable avatar display in Brians Threaded Comments and even when you do – you are left with a CSS defined space for the image – with no image in it. Makes a bit of a mess – which shouldn’t be there 🙂

See the image below that show the issue:

Brians Threaded Comments and SezWho problem

How To Fix The Brians Threaded Comments to Work With SezWho?

Disabling the Gravatars will not help as shown in image above and the only solution is to actually edit the file that comes with Brians Threaded Comments plugin and force to ignore Gravatars. Please be advised that you will have edit it back if you want it to work later…

See details below the image:

fix for brians threaded comments and sezwho

  1. Navigate to Plugins->Plugins Editor – you have to be able to write to your files from admin interface.
  2. Click on Brian’s Threaded comments to open briansthreadedcomments.php for editing
  3. Locate function btc_has_avatars() – almost at the end of the file.
  4. Change the true to false as shown on image.
  5. Update File – save the changes to your file!

Now you managed to get rid of the Gravatar display in BTC plguin you can go into your SezWho admin interface, under your active blogs choose one that you were editing the files on and Click on Edit Presentation.

Now simply enable Avatar display by choosing the size (I use 32 px) and its alignment – I like the right. See image below:

sezwho avatar configuration

That is it – now you have just configured your blog and made sure that Brian’s Threaded comments, WordPress 2.5.1 and SezWho 2.1 work nicely on your blog. Enjoy your labor. Not sure if SezWho for your blog or not? Read my take on it in this article: