I have to admit, I have a Love/Hate relationship with spammers on my blog:

  • I Hate the time and effort that goes to waste to deal with them
  • I Love the inspiration they provide me with to constantly evolve the methods of dealing with them and also Content I create on the topic

It seems that no matter how solid of a protection we put in place – it only works for a while and then we begin to see an influx of comments filled with bunch of BS that supposed to make me “feel good and approve their crap”.

Think again!

I consider comment spam a “low level” attack on my blog, as I have described in my post Triple “P” Of Total WordPress Security. While there is still quite a bit of Spam Bot activity – I see an ever increasing amount of human generated spam.

It seems that outsourcing comment spam becomes quite popular option and it is no longer limited toΒ  Internet Marketing niche and standard adult sites and pills, as I seen it before. I see it now used for just about anything that could be sold on internet and every time I look up the IP range where this comment comes from – it clearly indicates third world countries where labor is cheap.

And So I say, using the variation of well known phrase:

For Those About To Spam, I Salute You!

To me this is a battle,Β  it is personal and I’m getting quite good and quick on pushing that “SPAM” button. I will continue to improve the automation and share it with my readers to help others beat your idiotic efforts.