flexsqueeze-wordpress-themeFlexSqueeze WordPress theme is a new breed of WordPress themes that merges process of Marketing on Internet and blogging. Successful implementation of the idea of lead generation and service your market Niche all on a single site FlexSqueeze is guaranteed to generate interest as more and more savvy marketers will learn about it!

My goal here is to share my experience with it from playing with it for couple of days and also give you opportunity to experience it for yourself! FlexSqueeze is as close as you can get to a single site implementation of eMail Marketing and blogging, without any need to learn complex technical stuff and here is my take on it…

FlexSqueeze WordPress Theme In Details

I have to start right off by saying the FlezSqueeze theme is complex but not difficult and while on initial install it might seem intimidating to newer bloggers – it is fairly simple to use, just provided with multiple options that CAN be configured but not necessary need to be!

Product Name: FlezSqueeze WordPress Theme

Product Type: WordPress theme based on Flexibility theme but comes with templates specifically designed to work as Lead Generator (squeeze) page. Multiple options make it highly configurable and combined with fact that it also acts as superbly designed WordPress blog theme designed to push your offer forth alone with content – this theme is worth the time and money!

Product Value: Great value but I recommend Unlimited Sites license!

Ease Of Use: Intermediate but with provided Video Tutorials beginners can tackle it as well

What Is FlexiSqueze Theme?

Or should I rephrase it and state what exactly do you get with the package?

Unlike some other attempts I have seen before this theme combines the implementation of the Blog Theme and Lead Generation page (Squeeze page, as it is commonly referred to in Internet Marketing).

Essentially you get 2 in 1:

  1. WordPress theme and …
  2. Easy to implement, professional looking and highly customizable Squeeze Page!

And here is the beauty – since both are part of the same blog implementation you can actually set Squeeze page to be the Home Page and once customers confirm their subscription – redirect them to your blog pages. Process many in IM niche already use and this time it can be done in single blog implementation!

But lets take a quick look at each…

Lead Generation – Squeeze Page

Creating Squeeze page is as simple as creating new page in WordPress interface and assigning Squeezepage template to it in Page Attributes. More advanced users will than want to fill it with their own content and great part about this one is that CSS styles are assigned Per Page to improve page load speed and also provide you with very HIGH customization options!

You basically can control every aspect of the Squeeze page look and feel via options provided! Granted you will have to go to Appearance -> FlexSqueeze Theme Options but it is available for you! A rare designed decision that many marketers will appreciate and applaud to!

But if you are not too advanced and look for simplicity I got great news for you! Squeeze page already comes with great default design and even sample content for Squeeze page that inserts every element available to you onto a page via simple copy / paste process!

Just copy all text from text document and paste it into your new Squeeze page via Code editor:


As result you get a beautiful default squeeze page and all you have to do is change content as you see fit and if you want to – Edit Every Visual element, such as header, background, footer and more using options provided in Appearance -> FlexSqueeze Theme Options:


WordPress Theme – Regular Blog Template

I have to admit – I absolutely LOVE the WordPress theme provided by the FlexSqueeze theme as it follows most of the design options I personally prefer:

  • It allows you to present a Special Promos at the top of the Home Page and in Footer and even control if it appears throughout entire blog or only on Home Page
  • It gives you ability to control HUGE spectrum of the elements of your theme, including width, visual aspects, colors and much, much more I didn’t get to yet
  • It has a Right Sidebar with single, full width Widgetized area at the top and than 2 side-by-side widget areas, just like I currently have on this blog
  • It is optimized for faster load and fully compatible with latest WordPress version, integrated all the features provided by WordPress 2.7
  • Search Engine Optimized (for most parts, as this is highly based on personal opinion)
  • It Gives You Full Control Over Your Blog Presentation!

I have previously wrote about Flexibility theme on this blog because I thought it was the most innovative WordPress theme I have seen released on the net in quite a while but I’m so impressed with its successor – FlexiSqueeze WordPress Theme that I will probably be implementing it on this blog after some modifications.


FlexiSqueeze Theme Minuses

The theme is not perfect and because it gives you so much control over appearances of your blog and squeeze page – it is complex, although not difficult! It will simply require that you put some effort into learning how to take full advantage of the options provided to you!

Power Without A Knowledge is A Waste!

And this theme fully follows the concept, just take a look at all the Options it provides you with in Appearance:


I didn’t joke when I said you have unlimited power of control over your blog and squeeze page appearance! But to harness this power will require that you spend some time learning it.

On good note – you are provided with set of Video Tutorials that will explain every aspect of configuration you need to know! And while I most recommend this theme to Intermediate bloggers – I think a beginner can easily harness it, if he puts some effort into learning, as all configurations completed via Click and Chose interface!


If you are looking into integration email marketing into your Niche Blogging efforts or even begin collecting customer leads in your current market space – this theme is a MUST see. Although for Niche Bloggers I highly recommend Unlimited Site license as it will save your money in the long run.