Brians Threaded Comments Plugin is perhaps the most popular among the WordPress blog users due to functionality it provides and a huge enhancement to standard comments system that comes with WordPress. Problem is – the plugin is Not Well Supported and has quite a few bugs.

In fact if you simply decide to use what is provided you will run into quite a few issues and since the plugin is hard to customize if you are not a programmer it might be more problems then one can handle. Well fear not – I have spent a few hours of researching, fixing and testing and want to present you with resulting file. Now you too can have Brians Threaded Comments on your blog, minus all the issues…

As always I want to make a disclaimer here. What is presented below is currently used on my blog and fully tested but I can’t guarantee for 100% it will work on yours. Before doing ANYTHING – make sure to backup current comments.php file that comes with your blog theme.

This post assumes that you are working with latest officially available version of the Brians Threaded Comments Plugin – 1.5.12. I have not tested previous version and have no clue if this tutorial will work for you or not. Before doing anything else – install that version…

Everything below provided AS IS. Take it or leave it at your own risk and please don’t ask for support.

Brians Threaded Comments Problem List

In this section I want to outline the issues I have fixed following multiple guidelines I have found on the net and provide a link to original authors, where available to give them credit for addressing it.

1. Fixing Brians Threaded Comments “Cancel” Issue – was provided on John Chow blog and while John provided a nice explanation I wanted to add a simple graphic details to it to simplify the work for you – not all of us technically savvy. Click on image below to open full view in new window and see fix details below image:

  1. Step 1: Open Admin->Plugins->Plugin Editor and click on Brians Threaded Comments to open for editing (some hosts might require that you chmod the file to 666 or 777 prior to be able to do so).
  2. Step 2: Locate reRoot() function and replace content with content-main as shown in image. Hint: pay attention to position of sliding bar on image above to locate the function you need.

2. Separate Trackbacks From Comments in Brians Threaded Comments was provided by Tim Nash (who by the way has a great blog that I frequently read).

3. A few fixes borrowed from NSpeaks, even though author no longer uses plugin himself his fixes work nicely and here is list of what I have addressed using his guide:

  • Admin Is Now Recognized by plugin
  • Double Subscribe To Comments Option Removed
  • Comments Moderation text Added

Enhancements To Brians Threaded Comments

To make the commenting system more interactive and protected I have added some enhancements that will require installation of couple plugins. But if you decide Not To Use Them – I provide 2 versions of the file you can use: with and without enhancements:

  • MyBlogLog avatars integrated into comments system. This enhancement requires that you have installed MyAvatars plugin. I feel that this one is a very nice option I simply didn’t want to go without and it adds avatar at the bottom right corner of the comment. You can see it in image below or comment to see how it works – please be aware – all test comments will not be allowed brians-threaded-comment.jpg
  • Math Comment Spam Protection integrated into Brians Threaded Comments. This one is a rather nice companion for Akismet and its integration requires that you have the Math Comment Spam Protection installed. One added it will save you a lot of administrative grief by removing bot SPAM submission.

Fixed Brians Threaded Comments Download

As I have mentioned I will provide below 2 files with all afore mentioned integrated: 1 with enhancements and one without. But the installation is same for both:

Files below proved as Text Files. Simply download one that you need to your computer, rename it as comments.php (comments-enhanced.txt to comments.php) and then upload and replace your current theme comments.php file. Make sure to back up your current comments.php file in case you decide you don’t like what you get and want to go back to your original system!

  • Download Fixed Brians Threaded Comments – no enhancements
  • Download Fixed AND Enhanced Brians Threaded Comments

Please be advised I don’t try to claim ANY credit and simply provide the files for convenience of other people. All credit belongs to its author and many thanks go out to guys who provided the multitude of fixes I have integrated and present above. Enjoy.


I have reworked the fix based on comments I have received and providing a new file download, it has all the enhancements but they are using “optional statements”, meaning if function doesn’t exist because you simply don’t have the plugin – it will be ignored.

Also make sure to watch the video that outlines entire process below: