Comment spam is quite annoying and while plugins such as Akismet do a fair job of reducing it – they still a lot to be desired. As result we see a whole lot of plugins coming out to address the missing functionality and add even more protection to Comments on WordPress blog. Problem is…

Sometimes We End Up Fightings Commenters and Not Spam!

In this quick post I want to address this issue and ask for your feedback…

As I have progressed in using WordPress I have had a chance to experiment with multiple plugins that help you fight Comments and Trackback spam on your blog. Some faired better some worse but each did the job to some extent. Unfortunately it is very hard to automatically determine what is “spam” and what is legitimate comment.

Sometimes it even depends on how you personally perceive the comment left on your blog by a visitor. While is it not automated submission it can easily be an “SEO Spam”, where commenter provides no value and simply leaves generic crap such as “I like this post” just to get his chosen keywords to be linked to his site or blog. Some even outsource the process… innovation, huh?

To make long story short – I have successfully used several plugins to fight the spam and at same time share link love with legit comments on my blog. But as I was forced to install WP-Super-Cache plugin on my blog I have discovered that one of my favorites – Math Comment Spam Protection plugin created a few false positives and as such deprived legit people of leaving comments.

Finding solution to this one might not be as easy as one would think. Super Cache plugin creates static pages and it appears some visitors don’t get the correct SPAM protection number. I have looked at some captcha plugins and other dynamic option and didn’t like any.

So, as it stand now – I have disabled Math Protection and installed following plugin that claims full compatibility witch caching:

  • WP Spam Free – “An extremely powerful anti-spam plugin for WordPress that virtually eliminates comment spam, including trackback and pingback spam”

I would appreciate your feedback if you encounter any issues while commenting on my blog. And as I have promised, here are other plugins I personally use to battle the spam and still share link love with fellow bloggers:

  • Akismet – spam protection
  • CommentLuv – Plugin to show a link to the last post from the commenters blog in their comment. Will parse a feed from most sites that have a feed location specified in its head html
  • KeywordLuv – Reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords, in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text. For example, leaving “Stephen @ Custom WordPress Plugins” in the name field, will result in the following: Stephen from Custom WordPress Plugins.
  • Lucia Linky Love – Permits a blogger to “dofollow” comments for regular visitors. There are many options.
  • WP Spam Free – An extremely powerful anti-spam plugin that virtually eliminates comment spam (Alex Note: still to be tested 🙂 ).

So please do comment, and let me know if any issues. I do know that my feedback form works with no problem if your comment fails!