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Expert WordPress Automated Blog Installer

Create A Blog with a single click using a brand new WordPress Blog Automated Installer Script that is made available as part of Expert WordPress system.

We have spent quite literally hundreds of dollars, countless number of man hours testing, perfecting and re-coding the script that now makes it possible to install secure, search engine optimized and functionality packed WordPress blog!

Think of it as a Fantastico combined with a hand coded work by security conscious bloggers and IT Pros. Want to see exactly how? Watch the video below…

Our manual blog installer package is still available as FREE download, we simply added an option for you to upgrade to an automated blog installer and right now we have decided to settle on a super low price of just $7!

Considering that $7 upgrade also buys you 30 days of our support my partner and I are still thinking of increasing this price to something quite a bit higher but for now – you can upgrade for less then a pizza would cost you.

Script is extremely complex and will not work with every host but we continually work on making it compatible with more and more hosts to cover all the more popular hosting providers. Consider all you will get with a Single Click:

  • WordPress blog installed following best security practices to avoid SQL injection attacks
  • WordPress blog fully configured for optimal performance, search engine visibility and stability
  • Best Of The Best plugins fully installed, activated and configured for you for SEO, Web 2.0 functionality, sharability and so much more!
  • Custom theme, fully optimized for Search Engines, loading speed and providing you with options to configure it and change its appearance as easy as making point and click choices!

I’m not going to spend too much time on describing what you get, just watch the video and when you are ready…

Click Here To Get Your Automated
Blog Installer Upgrade!

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55 Responses to “Expert WordPress Automated Blog Installer”

  1. Jerry Kidd says:


    I am curious about this automated installer. My blog is on BlueHost and I have the kind of account that alloows me to havce multiple blogs on it for the one price that I pay now.

    Is your script compatible with Bluehost? I see that you mention that you are not at compatibility for all hosts, so that is the reason for the question.

    Aside from that, it looks like you have a winner here!
    .-= Jerry Kidd´s last blog ..Realtor’s® guide to making a living in a Web 2.0 World ~ Part One =-.

    • TheSpotter says:

      Yes, Bluehost is one of the tested and compatible hosting providers.

    • Janet says:

      Hi Jerry,

      I hadn’t even considered the fact that the software wasn’t compatible with all hosting; however, I too have bluehost and I had absolutely no problem getting my blog connected.

      The video was very concise.

      And my experience with Alex’s support team – excellent.

      All around – highly recommended.

      Thank you Alex, for the great product and fantastic service!
      .-= Janet´s last blog ..Wooden Rocking Horse =-.

  2. Rogerio Job says:

    Great job Alex! It’s a incredible tool! I install a new blog in a few minutes!

    Thank you very much!

    Rogerio Job
    .-= Rogerio Job´s last blog ..Relançamento do programa Renda Automática =-.

  3. Maliki says:

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your great blog installer. I’m using it for my blog by manual install.
    I know you’ve updated the installer package several time…just want to ask you, can I update my blog (I mean the theme) just by overwrite my current theme folder with new installer’s theme?

    .-= Maliki´s last blog ..Bilakah Waktu yang Terbaik Membeli Unit Amanah? =-.

  4. Jonel says:

    Thanks Alex,

    Couldn’t have come at a better time! Just about to launch a couple of new blogs and your automated installer is going to make it so much simpler. It’s no wonder I’ve been a long-time subscriber, you guys are great! 🙂
    .-= Jonel´s last blog ..Wondering How To Get Your Ex Back After Getting Dumped? =-.

  5. Chandan says:

    That’s a great news! I know it will help many beginners as like me. I highly recommend Expert WordPress for anybody who want to learn blogging. Now automated blog installer package will make this job more easier..
    .-= Chandan´s last blog ..How To Get Backlinks To Increase Search Engine Ranking? =-.

  6. Tony says:

    Hi Alex,
    Have been using using your installer for about a year now, blogs everywhere. I love the new EWP bar, I know how to get a logo on an ordinary website so that appears next to my web address, but where does the code go for a blog, still learning about this php stuff. Thanks to you I am sailing thru installing new blogs now, can do it blindfolded now, including the database, which used to a complete mystery to me. Just been watching the technorati video, but I think that has now changed as has WordPress for installing direct from a URL, I just saved it and uploaded from desktop.
    Keep it up Alex, who knows I might make some money yet.
    ps Love the way you say “the google”, cracks me up.
    .-= Tony´s last blog .. =-.

  7. Tony says:

    Forgot to mention that I use mainly Fedora 11 64bit(Linux) most of the time using Opera as the browser, so I had to install Firefox to use your EWP taskbar, but that’s OK. I like Linux because there is so much “free” stuff.
    Anyway everything works fine in Linux, but I still use Windows 7 for programs that won’t run. Just waiting for Technorati to approve my blog. Received some videos on-line from some “guru” about how to climb rapidly up the Google rankings, bit of work involved, will let you know how if it works. If it does could see some nice money with my blog. No need to have daily or weekly postd.
    .-= Tony´s last blog .. =-.

    • TheSpotter says:


      I use to use Linux for everything – before RHL became Fedora 🙂 but when productivity started to compete with “computing experience” – I switched to Windows and right now on Windows 7 and quite impressed. MS got something right this time

  8. Rob says:

    Cool. There are a tons of web hosting sites out there now that also have it already installed so when looking for a host check out their options first.
    .-= Rob´s last blog ..Search For It =-.

  9. Bob Blick says:

    Is that $7 total or is it $7 a month. It says membership so that has thrown me.

    • TheSpotter says:

      $7 one time – it is part of membership system and we offer upgrade to full membership that is monthly but it ofers lot more then just installer 🙂

  10. Wow – that’s incredible. This tool is very much appreciated – so thank you for all the time you spent creating it! Will definitely spread the word.
    .-= Christian Hollingsworth´s last blog ..54 Blog Posts You Should Read Before (And After) Blogging =-.

  11. Given the knowledge that Alex has regarding WP, I’d say it’s certainly a bargain. The man knows his code.
    .-= Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach´s last blog ..Today’s Humor – True Love….There She Is! Part 1 =-.


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