Create A Blog with a single click using a brand new WordPress Blog Automated Installer Script that is made available as part of Expert WordPress system.

We have spent quite literally hundreds of dollars, countless number of man hours testing, perfecting and re-coding the script that now makes it possible to install secure, search engine optimized and functionality packed WordPress blog!

Think of it as a Fantastico combined with a hand coded work by security conscious bloggers and IT Pros. Want to see exactly how? Watch the video below…

Our manual blog installer package is still available as FREE download, we simply added an option for you to upgrade to an automated blog installer and right now we have decided to settle on a super low price of just $7!

Considering that $7 upgrade also buys you 30 days of our support my partner and I are still thinking of increasing this price to something quite a bit higher but for now – you can upgrade for less then a pizza would cost you.

Script is extremely complex and will not work with every host but we continually work on making it compatible with more and more hosts to cover all the more popular hosting providers. Consider all you will get with a Single Click:

  • WordPress blog installed following best security practices to avoid SQL injection attacks
  • WordPress blog fully configured for optimal performance, search engine visibility and stability
  • Best Of The Best plugins fully installed, activated and configured for you for SEO, Web 2.0 functionality, sharability and so much more!
  • Custom theme, fully optimized for Search Engines, loading speed and providing you with options to configure it and change its appearance as easy as making point and click choices!

I’m not going to spend too much time on describing what you get, just watch the video and when you are ready…

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