When people think about WordPress plugins first things come to mind is functionality, styling, interactivity. All come in different forms and shapes and each need to be evaluated to see if it would fit your needs.

But did you know you can enhance your WordPress Admin interface by simply installing a plugin? I have found several but out of the bunch tried 2 that I liked and here I want to provide you with quick overview of good and bad that comes with these plugins…

According to official information posted by WordPress developers we can expect in March a new version of the core (v. 2.5) with Admin interface being one of the biggest changes. But while we are waiting, perhaps it is worth having a look at enhancing your existing functionality and style!

Admin Drop Down Menus


The Good: This plugin modifies CSS style for rendering all menus in WordPress admin. Very functional and reduces number of clicks you have to make to get to the option you need. Tested on my blog with WordPress 2.3.2 with no issues with core functionality or plugins compatibility. Excellent time saver and click reducer and I love the clean look and functionality it presents but unfortunately it has one issue that prevented me from using it…

The Bad: If you have plugins installed that add their own tabs to admin interface instead of using Option sub-menu and they spread into more then one row (as is the case on my blog) – drop down stops functioning correctly and overlapping tabs become non-functional. One solution I can think is removing offending plugins (not an option for me) or using a screen with resolution that allows all tabs to be in single row.

Unfortunately I use my laptop quite often for writing posts while sitting in my lazy-boy with default resolution of 1024×768, this option is not going to work for me. But I can highly recommend this plugin if it fits your screen.

Visit Yellow Swordfish for plugin download and some technical details.

WordPress Tiger Style Administration


The Good: This plugin completely changes layout of your WordPress admin interface and even though I’m not sure how – it makes it seem faster and more responsive. Nice clean look but what is even more important it separates menus and sub-menus into easily accessible navigation bars. Main options always present on your left hand side with top menu becoming available for each main tab and represents sub-menus. Once again fully tested and proven to work without any issues on WordPress 2.3.2.

The Bad: Actually I didn’t find anything to say here. If you have been using WordPress for a while, it might be a bit awkward at first to use this Admin layout but once you get used to – you should be flying. I did think that style looked a bit smallish in Firefox, my main browser.

If looking to change your admin layout and functionality this plugin is highly recommended!

Visit OrderedList.com to get your plugin and for additional screenshots.

While there are a few other plugins that change WordPress Admin interface I have found , presented above to be the most reliable and functional. And one I seen that shows a great promise is not even mentioned here simply because there is no download option.