I have previously described how to easily add video to your blog in my post 2 Steps To Add Youtube Video to WordPress but what if you simply don’t want to mess with code or not feeling very comfortable doing it?

This is where this short guide will be useful as all you need is 2 plugins that will help you add your videos with very little effort and knowledge on your part.

I want to discuss couple different plugins today – one designed to allow you to add videos into your posts and pages and second one to add video to your sidebar widget. Pretty cool, huh?

Viper’s Video Quicktags

This plugin allows you to simply click on appropriate tag that is added to your Visual Editor and then insert video by providing a link to it. Simple, effective and working solution:


You can install this plugin by simply going into your:

Admin->Plugins->Add New and then search for Viper’s Video Quicktags and get additional installation details, etc on plugin page.

Daiko’s Video Widget

I haven’t personally tried this one but my researched showed that while it states compatibility up to 2.3 – it is still working on 2.7.1 and can be a great addition to your blog’s sidebar, if you feel the need!

Video is an internet medium with ever increasing popularity and if you have something to share – presenting it on a sidebar of your blog, visible from every page can be a great way to get extra exposure!

Just something to consider…

Once again this plugin can be installed using built in interface but I do recommend you visit the page to learn how to properly use it!