I’m all about automation and in this post I want to discuss two very specific things that automate critical tasks for me: Automating Social Bookmarking via OnlyWire Autosubmiter to bring traffic and Automating monetization via DealDotCom plugin and Widget.

Both DealDotCom Widget and OnlyWire Autosubmiter are brand new additions to my blog, so my post here more deals with expectations and promises as well as my reasoning behind the choice, rather then solid facts. Sorry, it is simply too early to state any facts as I don’t have any data to support it with …

OnlyWire Autosubmiter Plugin – was chosen by me to be part of my blog for one simple reason. Every time I post on my blog I manually submit it to OnlyWire and it has already proven to deliver great results, so it only stand to reason to automate this task when opportunity presented itself. I do have to mention that WordPress plugins database contains old version so you want to visit author’s blog for version 2.

What this plugin does – after installing plugin and providing your OnlyWire login in options, every new post on your blog will be autosubmited to this great service that allows you to bookmark to 16 different social bookmarking sites. Nifty and no time investment on your part.

Couple Gotcha’s.

  • Plugin is provided as php file but named with *.txt extension. Make sure to rename it to *.php before uploading into plugins directory.
  • My file had an extra “return” after the closing php tag (very end of the file. Open file with any editor capable of handling php files and make sure no extra spaces or characters present after > closing bracket.

… now since we automated the task of brining us some extra visitors, how about making some extra cash? I thought you would like that idea!

DealDotCom plugin and Widget work perfectly to help us do just that! (Or so I hope). Idea behind DealDotCom is great – provide a great deal only for one single day and after installing DealDotCom plugin you can simply place Widget on your sidebar and offer the deal of the day to your visitors. See example on my sidebar and click on it to get your own free account.

There are many things already written on DealDotCom and I have no intentions of repeating them and simply state some benefits of having this widget to your blog.

Great deal presented on daily bases and changes, ensuring interests in what is displayed on your widget and I have seen people’s reports on great results from using this site. Obviously it will depend on how well targeted the offer to your particular audience and much traffic you get to see that offer.

On personal note I found reviews of the products by DealDotCom stuff quite humorous and entertaining. Well worth the visit once in a while even if you have no plans to buy anything just to evaluate the writing style.

So there you have it … two plugins to automate traffic generation task and to monetize that traffic by offering great deal, each and every day.