In this post I want to share a video tutorial on how to create a nice clean Archives page for WordPress that combines great functionality with very stylish Web 2.0 look. Archives are a major part of your blog and as it grows – many time it becomes hard to manage, even to the point when author himself can’t locate his own posts Surprised.

Well fear not! TheSpot-Er is on the scene and managed to whip out a video tutorial for you that covers every step of the process…

One of the hardest tasks for any blogger is to get people visit his old posts. Information shared previously often times is NEVER sen by your readers and you have to find some ways to draw your readers deeper into your blog and encourage participation.

While there are many ways to do so – I want to cover the part of creating a nice clean archive page. If you simply rely on your theme default template for it – you are loosing your readers and I highly recommend you view the tutorial and follow the steps outlined below, I promise – I will make it easy for you Sealed !

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