Do you get a lot of comment Spam? Are all the measures you take only partially help you reduce the number of Spam Comments that you have to moderate? Surprisingly…

It Could Be Your Own Fault!

I know, I know… you don’t create the spam comments and you are doing your best to protect your blog from them and yet, every morning your Comment Moderation queue is waiting for action.

But lets consider some of the reasons people comment on your blog and how YOU can be at fault for what you consider to be a SPAM!

Blog comments are a way for people to participate in conversation that you have started and provide their feedback and opinion that sometimes can be quite different from your own. But that is OK, as it still adds to the complete conversation.

Above is one the primary objectives the Blog Comments are intended for…

But as Internet evolves new factors came into play that Blog Comments have proven to be exceptionally helpful in:

  • Link Building. This is a HUGE as many people use commenting on other blogs to build incoming links to their own blog. And while there are legitimate ways to build incoming links such as I described in CommentLuv Plus DoFollow Equal Unlimited Link Love post, there are also those that we consider SPAM. Yep, I’m talking about signing comment with Keywords instead of name, etc
  • Brand Building. A lot less common but i have seen a few on my own blog already. To avoid being automatically marked as Spammers, although they are anyway – commenter uses Brand Name but without the URL. I didn’t quite investigate enough what benefit they get from it but since I’m seeing increase in those – there must be something behind it!

And since a lots of time comments as those described above come through manual submission by someone seating in extremely remote location, working for tiny wages – it is still considered a manual submission and makes it through most of SPAM filter and requires effort on your part to moderate.

Mind you, I don’t complain, it takes me me just one second to click “Spam It” or delete it but I still find it annoying!

So How Is Comment Spam Could Be Your Fault?

Let me ask you very simple question:

Do You Have A Clearly Defined and Visible Commenting Policy?


Example above is from my own blog and if you don’t have something similar – your Blog Commenting Policy Is Open For Interpretation!

I don’t know how much it actually helps in reducing spam as I never run any tests but I can only assume that even semi-intelligent spammers will not waste their time knowing their comment will be deleted anyway.

I have actually hard-coded the Policy into my theme template but there is a simpler solution.

Comment Policy for WordPress

A very simple and yet effective plugin that is easily added to your blog and allows you to present you commenting policy to each and every visitor.


It is fairly configurable and allows your to either auto-insert the policy on your blog and easily integrates into any theme or customize its placement by using PHP code, which we were trying to avoid in first place 🙂