WP Ajax Edit Comments is a cool Plugin for WordPress users. Be aware though that this Plugin only works for WordPress 2.5+. This Plugin allows your readers to edit their comments for a limited time. As an administrator, you can still edit all the comments as usual.

I’ve actually been looking for this Plugin for some time because I have seen it featured on other sites and was glad to be able to edit my comment on several occasions before.

If you make a comment while typing and then hit the submit button before you realize your mistake, this WP Ajax Edit Comments Plugin will save your butt from being kicked. Ok, just kidding. 🙂

Let’s look at what this Plugin has to show. First, here is an overview of the Admin features:

  • Can edit, mark for moderation, mark as spam, and delete a comment from a post.
  • Can edit in all comment panels in the WordPress admin panel.
  • Can de-spam, approve, moderate, and edit comments in the Akismet panel.
  • Various admin-panel options including
    • Can edit comment time.
    • Can specify anonymous user options.
    • Can specify logged-in user options.
    • Can choose between Akismet and Defensio for spam protection.
    • Can disable timer.
    • And more…

wp ajax edit comment admin features

wp ajax comments

User features:

  • Can edit comments for a limited time

wp ajax edit comments plugin

wp ajax plugin

Logged in User features:

  • Potential indefinite comment editing.
  • Can edit comments for a limited time.

As you can see, the WP Ajax Edit Comments Plugin allows freedom for both the blog owner and the visitor while making usage very easy. The Plugin also features a few more things, such as:

  • A new theme independent comment-editing interface.
  • A cool timer on both the post and in the comment-editing interface.
  • Improved usability and look-and-feel.
  • Better delivery of error and status messages.
  • Entirely re-written code base for maximum stability and extendability.

To use this Plugin, just download it from the WordPress.org Plugins site and after unzipping it on your computer, install the Plugin on your server in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.