social networkingTwitter Remarketing combines the next level marketing power of your Twitter account and your WordPress website. It does this by tracking those who have visited your website, and then it relays that information to your Twitter Ads campaign. It then shows your Twitter ads to users who have already visited your website, increasing the relevancy of the tweet!

Twitter Remarketing involves connecting your Twitter account, your WordPress website, and Google’s Tag Manager through  bit of coding and a plugin. With about 30 minutes of work you can take advantage of this, and seriously improve your Twitter Ad campaigns. This can do a lot to activate your current Twitter followers, and help you find new Twitter followers as well.

A Guide to install Twitter Remarketing on your WordPress based website

As I said, there’s a bit of playing around with codes, and installation of a plugin. Nothing too major as you won’t be touching your WordPress website’s HTML.

The setup is also complicated slightly with Google’s Tag Manager being involved, but if you follow these sixteen steps slowly and carefully you will be able to install Twitter Remarketing on your WordPress website.

  1. Go to the Twitter homepage for the account that you want to install Twitter Remarketing on for an ad campaign. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right hand corner of your profile page.
  2. Click on the “Twitter Ads” option from the drop-down tab.
  3. Now you are in your Twitter ad dashboard, select the “Conversion Tracking” option from the top bar.
  4. Select “Create Your First Website Tag” from the window which opens.
  5. Now choose a name for your Twitter Remarketing campaign. Use a descriptive name so that you can track it easier if you choose to have multiple websites installing this feature.
  6. The type of conversion you’ll want to track is called “Website visits,” select it.
  7. Next, choose the “Create a Tailored Audience for Remarketing Purposes” option – this is the really magic moment when you go from marketing, to Twitter Remarketing. Fireworks will not go off, sadly…
  8. Now you can create your Twitter Remarketing tag by clicking on the “Create Tag” button when it’s ready, a popup box appears with the code in it. Keep this popup open, and be sue to paste this tag somewhere in a document as a backup.
  9. Either go to, or create a new, Google Tag Manager account. Google will give you a unique website ID. Be sure to copy it and paste it into the same document with your backup of the Twitter Remarketing tag. Put a label on them so you don’t forget which is which.
  10. Now finally go to your WordPress website’s editing dashboard. Select “New,” then select “Tag” from the top bar.
  11. You now need to choose a name for the tag. I’d use the same one as above to keep it all connected.
  12. From the drop down menu, choose “Custom HTML tag” as the type of tag you want to use.
  13. Go to the window or document that has your Twitter Remarketing tag. Paste the Twitter Remarketing tag into the Custom HTML tag box.
  14. From your WordPress website’s dashboard select the Plugins section, and select “Add New” from the menu.
  15. Search for “Google Tag Manager” in the search box.
  16. Find and install the Google Tag Manager plugin. You will now use the Google Tag Manager ID from before.

If you didn’t lose your way, this will have installed Twitter Remarketing into your WordPress based website. If you have any issues, the WordPress support team can help you out no problem. They’re actually a good bunch who have helped me a tim or two!

Which Twitter Ad campaign works best with Twitter Remarketing?

I have three favorite choices for Twitter Remarketing ad campaigns:

  1. Twitter Lead Generation Cards – they collect email addresses with very little effort so your email marketing game will be boosted as well.
  2. Twitter Summary Cards – have a link to your website built into them, prompting the Twitter user to visit again, and maybe make a purchase this time.
  3. Twitter Apps Cards – Users can download your app right from the tweet, what more can an app developer ask for from a marketing campaign?

Whichever one you choose, be sure that you’re working on your connection between your Twitter account and your WordPress website. Each time you push out an ad on Twitter you have a chance to drive traffic. Twitter Remarketing focuses on those who have already been to your website before – get them there again!