Fighting Comment Spam on a WordPress blog is a never ending battle. Since I provide DoFollow options and use 2 plugins that reward commenters even more: CommentLuv and KeywrodLuv – I get a LOT of comment spam. Ever since I have switched from Spam Karma 2 to Akismet I’ve been testing multiple plugins that will assist me with this work and minimize the load.

Well, looks like I have just found a wining combination!

While there are many plugins that help you with dealing with Comment Spam I’ve had hardest time finding one that works effectively in combination with WP Super Cache and Akismet. And I have tried multitude of option! That is until few days ago, as it appears I have found a current winner…

A few days ago I have installed a great plugin – Simple Spam Filter.

It works quite nicely in combination with Akismet to prevent common Comment Spam. Its simplicity is perhaps its greatest benefit! It doesn’t attempt to second guess what is spam and what is ham. It gives you an opportunity to set some rules (and provides you with nice default settings) such as:

  • Spam Keywords you can specify and continue to add to
  • Common pattern in url’s provided within the comment, for example BB code
  • Number of links in comment to consider it a spam
  • Comment is very similar to already existing comment on your blog – 75% or more which effectively identifies the bots

All options above are configurable through Admin setting interface and allows you to tweak the system to your specific blog. But what is even better – it allows you to integrate reCaptcha into your blog!

I know, I hate it too! I find it hard to guess the words sometimes, annoying and a few more “not very nice” words but one thing I know – IT’S EFFECTIVE! And in case of this integration it is ONLY displayed to commenter if he failed to pass the specified rules above.

This one options help eliminate the False Positives and give people second chance to add comment to your blog! I simply love it!

So, here is my recommendation for now:

If you use WP Super Cache and Akismet – add Simple Spam Filter to your Comment Spam Fighting arsenal! Well worth the time investment.

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